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WEEK ZERO: Ground Work


TITLE CREDITS ROLL [Birds eye view of central London as dramatic music with soft beats plays. Cut to slow moving pan of models walking across the screen at Fashion Week. Cut to Remington Ricci adjusting suit. Cut to logo of RR. Cut to pan shot of row of sewing machines. Cut to montage of contestants. Fade to over the shoulder shot of Remington Ricci looking into the mirror. Camera fades out to judges, Remington Ricci, Winona Covington, Bobbi Amos and Uma Thompson standing with arms crossed. Title of show, Stitched Up, appears. Fade to white.]

[Camera slowly moves forward from the front doors of RR’s fashion headquarters to the reception desk, a ginger sits on the phone. Quick zoom down corridors, slowing on centre shot of Remington Ricci’s office. Door swings open. Remington Ricci sits at his desk.]

Remington: Each summer I hold a competition to give young up and coming talent the chance to work for me and showcase their skills. This year, marking it’s tenth anniversary, I’ve agreed to let it be filmed and for viewers to watch at home. [Standing up and walking around desk] The question is have they got what it takes?

[Editors cut: Remington crosses his arms over his chest, eyes narrowed. “I think you could have tried a bit harder to not focus on my receding hairline.” [A murmur in the back. Remington scoffs.] “Rude.”]

[Camera turns left, where a noticeboard with eight polaroid pictures are pinned.]

Voiceover: Applicants poured in far and wide across the UK, but powerhouse Remington Ricci narrowed it down to the top eight. With a mentor by their side, they’ll be put to the test to see if they can cut it working for RR.

[Editors cut: Voiceover, Lee, scowls down at the script. “Powerhouse? God, could this get anymore heavy handed?” [A reply is given] “No, I’m not quitting.” [Voice lowering] “The pay is actually . . . really good.”]

[Camera zooms in on the first polaroid, quickly becoming animated as the clip links. A blonde black girl begins grinning at the camera. The name Giselle appears towards the bottom right hand corner of the screen.]

Giselle: Hi, I’m Giselle! I’m twenty two and from London. Being here is an amazing opportunity that I’m glad to be a part of. My fashion influences are definitely Piper Williams and Veronica Kosovo. I dropped out of university in the first time when I realised I wasn’t doing a course I was particularly interested in. I’m here to win, and I’m here to make a name for myself.

[Camera zooms out, snapping to the next contestant.]

Lex: Fashion has always been how I’ve expressed myself. It’s non-conforming in the same way that I am, so having this platform is all I could have asked for. I’m almost forty—so I reckon a lot of these new kids won’t even know what they’re doing.

Off screen interviewer: Do you think you can win?

Lex: [in thought]: If I didn’t trust myself and what I’m capable of, why would I be here?

[Camera fades to next contestant.]

Marissa: I’m Marissa Cole and I’m nineteen years old! I grew up in Bradford. I’ve been making dresses since I was a child [Camera cuts to home photos of Marissa at a sewing machine] and still love it as much as I did then. I think I’m the youngest person here, but I’m not going to let that stop me from doing my best.

Off screen interviewer: Is being the youngest intimidating?

Marissa: Well, I don’t have a lot of experience compared to someone way older than me. But this competition is all about fresh talent. Piper Williams got her internship with Veronica Kosovo when she was my age. Remington Ricci is a powerhouse, it’s an honour to be in this competition.

[Camera zooms out, flitting to next contestant. They’re walking along a pebble beach, sad music begins playing.]

Christian: I knew I was destined for greater things. I grew up on the coast, with people more focused about having their next cuppa than trying to make something of themselves. I’m unconventional. I’m sporadic. I’m the next. Best. Thing. I’m Christian, and everyone better watch out.

[Editors cut: “Well, that one seems pretentious.”]

[Camera focuses on a pair of long brown legs. A girl with brown hair takes off her sunglasses.]

Rainn: I’m Rainn, I’m twenty four, and I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be here. It’s not easy being who I am. I know what I like and I know what I won’t do. The last time someone tried to take away my creative freedom, I made them cry.

Off screen interviewer: What sacrifices did you have to make?

Rainn: I chose to focus on my career instead of falling in love. I got a lot of heat for that—called a lot of names from people who don’t get that I refuse to live by a predetermined timeline of events.

[Camera pans left to a black male throwing a basketball to someone behind the camera.]

Marcel: I’m Marcel, from Manchester, and I’m twenty five. I almost gave up my interest in fashion to play sports. I’d had the idea of being such a man pushed onto me, growing up in a Caribbean household with parents who didn’t know lifestyles outside of their own. I’m glad I stuck to what I believed in, that I never stopped playing sports and didn’t short change myself out of fashion. I think I’ve got something to prove to everyone back home.

Off screen interviewer: What would that be?

Marcel: That my hobbies aren’t gendered, and my sexuality isn’t rigid. I’m not the best by any means, but I’m always willing to learn.

[Camera falls, someone in trainers walks across screen. The camera is picked back up, close up shot of an Asian male grinning at the camera. Cut to him sitting and talking to someone behind the camera.]

Khalil: I’m Khalil, I’m twenty, and I’m from Leeds. I never thought I’d actually get onto the show. I’ve only been making clothes for the past year and was sure there was no way I’d make it. I’m a really soft guy, I think, and I take all critique very seriously. My mum convinced me to apply, actually—she’s my biggest supporter by a mile. [Grins]

[Camera zooms out, moving to the next contestant.]

Jaiden: I like fried chicken, long walks on the beach, and big dicks. [Camera fades to home photo of Jaiden as a child grinning at the camera] I think growing up in the early 90s really influenced the people I look up to in fashion. Whilst I can appreciate what’s new, the classics will always be part of my heart. Being this close to being able to work with Remington Ricci is something I’ve always dreamed about.

[Camera fades to white. Focuses again on Remington Ricci, who is now standing in a white room, eight portfolios spread out on one of the tables.]

Voiceover: With our contestants introduced, Remington has something extra special planned for the tenth anniversary.

Remington: It would be expected for things to only get harder each year—but I’ve decided to give the new contestants something to look forward to. I’m offering them the chance to work with eight of my best employees in a mentoring situation. Not only will they get inside advise, but have someone on hand who knows exactly what I do and don’t accept.

[Camera pans over all of the portfolios, names of the contestants printed on the front in a large font. Cuts to the door opening and eight people walking in.]

Off screen interviewer: How did you choose your best employees?

Remington, smirking into the camera: I chose some of the most creative people who work for me. I mean, honestly—I’ve still got a business to run. I couldn’t afford to have the best not doing work for six weeks.

[Cut back to action. Camera focuses on two at the back of the line, a black girl with pink hair, and a lanky white boy who looks to have clenched his jaw too tight. They are muttering back and forth. The microphone picks it up.]

Seth: —you’ll stop being fresh meat around here. Now everyone will stop pretending like you’re something special.

Vanna: Wow. You’re so bitter. Is it because we stopped [redacted]?

[Seth remains silent, lips pinched. He scowls at the back of Vanna’s head.]

Seth: [scoffs] No. Of course not. That was my decision, have you forgotten?

Vanna: [rolls eyes] It’s been two months. Get over it.

Remington: Ahem.

[Camera focuses on him, all gathered standing to attention.]

Remington: You’ll all choose one portfolio from the selection here. It’s your responsibility to cultivate whoever you get, and help them through this competition—however long it is they last. Of course, as an added incentive, if your person wills, you’ll both be receiving ten thousand pounds. First choice will be last years winner, Vanna.

[Cut to Vanna, who steps forward.]

Remington: As you all should have read the email I sent you this morning—you’re not allowed to open the portfolios until you’ve made your decision and are back in line. [Continues when everyone has made their selection.] You’ll all meet your couterparts on Monday, when the real competiton begins.

[Cut to all eight standing around talking. Vanna and Seth are standing slightly to the side, engaged in a heated discussion.]

[Editors cut: “The tension there, am I right?” Lee scoffs. “I’m calling it. Right now.”]

Seth: [sneers] Why’d you pick that one? [Holds own choice to his chest tightly.]

Vanna: What do you mean?

[Cut to Seth interview]

Off screen interviewer: Have you always clashed with Vanna?

Seth: [scowling fiercely] It’s not clashing. Sometimes she’s so . . . oblivious.

[Cut back to action]

Seth: [sighing, doesn’t quite believe he has to explain himself in a situation like this—nine times out of ten, Vanna gets the cues] I mean—what made you choose Marissa?

Vanna: [defensive] What’s wrong with her?

Seth: Wait . . . did you not read the email? [Grins maliciously, continues fondly] You idiot. Her work is, ah [raises eyebrows] not yours.

Vanna: [draws herself up to stand taller, fails] I like a challenge, actually. I did read the email. [Both know she’s lying]

Voiceover: Now that all contestants have been issued their mentor, the competition can finally begin!

[Cuts to montage of future events, Voiceover continues]

Voiceover: Tensions will rise!

[Rainn leaving the workroom and slamming the door behind her. Cuts to the dead silence she leaves behind.]

Voiceover: Alliances will be made!

[Seth and Giselle whispering in the corner, falling silent as Khalil enters the room.]

Voiceover: And, of course, the runway!

[Quick cuts to models walking down the runway, with voiceovers of judges thoughts. Zooming in on contestants faces as someone is announced as going home. Another cut to Remington Ricci.]

Voiceover: Remington Ricci’s Stitched Up will be back after the break!

[Editors cut: “I’m just saying, if you as a showrunner aren’t capable of manufacturing of romance then you’re in the wrong industry.” Lee huffs. “Take your good morals and get out of here!”

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