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WEEK TWO: 1920s Glamour




[Birds eye view of central London as dramatic music with soft beats plays. Cut to slow moving pan of models walking across the screen at Fashion Week. Cut to Remington Ricci adjusting suit. Cut to logo of RR. Cut to pan shot of row of sewing machines. Cut to montage of contestants. Fade to over the shoulder shot of Remington Ricci looking into the mirror. Camera fades out to judges, Remington Ricci, Winona Covington, Bobbi Amos and Uma Thompson standing with arms crossed. Title of show, Stitched Up, appears. Fade to white.]

[Camera opens on the workroom, competitors and mentors slowly file into the room. Remington Ricci stands in the middle of the room, with Winona and Bobbi standing either side, arms crossed.]

Voiceover: Last week, the competitors were given their first shot to impress Remington, tasked to create looks that could have headlined any one of his shows. For some, it was a walk in the park, but for a few others, they crashed and burned. Uma is currently away at a photoshoot, so it’s up to the other three judges to deliver this weeks brief.

[Cut to Marcel interview.]

Marcel: It sounds kind of stupid to say, but I will miss Jaiden not being here in the competition. I felt like we bonded, like there was solidarity there. [shrugs] It’s just how things go, right?

[Cut to Rainn as she walks to her marked spot in the room, her voice playing over the clip]

Rainn: I’m disappointed in my appearance last week. I can’t believe I presented the work that I did. I’ve got to do so much better this week.

[Competitors stand in two lines: Marissa, Giselle and Rainn standing in front; Lex, Marcel, Christian and Khalil stand behind them. To their right, the mentors also stand in two lines: Vanna, Cristal, Chana and Sydney in front; Seth, Kason and Nico behind.]

Remington: [takes a measured step forward, lights shining on his blue suit] This week I’m going to apply a bit more pressure to all of you. Last week was a breeze, having you all create looks that you were comfortable in, but this week, you’ll be completely out of your comfort zone. This week, we’re celebrating an incredible fashion era that is iconic even 120 years later.

[Camera focuses briefly on the faces of the competitors as they listen to the brief.]

Remington: The roaring 20s! Think less halloween costume, stay away from the flapper dress, think of the average woman, and reimagine her today. I want to see the 20s influence in your ensemble this week, but still focus on the men and women of today.

[Excited murmuring from competitors, even the mentors look somewhat excited—namely, Sydney]

Remington: And, because this a competition, and this is the ten year anniversary of Stitched Up, I have to throw a spanner in the works. From here on out, you will now only have twenty four hours before the presentation, and I want to see you using that time wisely. As our winner last week, Khalil will find himself with an added advantage once his sit down with Veronica Kosovo is all said and done. Everything you need is here, and the person with the weakest look will be out. I’m excited, aren’t you?

[Cut to Christian interview.]

Christian: [sat slumped in the chair, visibly irritated] I’m not excited.

[Camera focuses back on the workroom, with pairs at their tables, indistinguishable conversations filling the room.]

Voiceover: Not only have the competitors had their work time cut from five days to one day and the chance to brush your teeth in the morning before the showcase if you’re lucky, they’re still gossiping about whatever happened at drinks last week. Last time I checked, fraternisation outside of the hours agreed in the contact wasn’t allowed.

[Lex is fuming, though, of course, he wouldn’t ever dream of letting anyone know this with his actual words. So, instead, he is sat, back turned to Chana, scratching lines into his notepad—yes, he has declined the tablets for sketching and designing and is plodding along with tradition—trying to think of something for the brief that is oh, so, dated; and trying his absolute hardest to stop thinking about the disaster of Friday night.]

Chana: [tentatively, hands wrapped around a cup of tea] Lex?

Lex: [huffs]

Chana: [rolling her eyes] Lex. Are you okay? If this is about friday th—

Lex: [whipping around to face Chana, scowling, notepad sliding across the edge of the table and falling to the floor with a slap! that silences the rest of the room] Of course it’s about Friday, Chana! God, do I have to spell everything out for you? You’re my mentor, you should understand me!

Chana: [standing up straight] Right. Did you want to talk about it?

Lex: [pulling a face of disgust] No. Why would I want to do that?

Chana: Uh—

Lex: [getting up and stomping around to the other side of the table to retrieve his notepad. He stands, gives Chana a filthy look and storms his way out of the work room. Everyone watches him leave, door slamming closed behind him]

[Cut to Lex interview]

Interviewer: What happened on Friday?

Lex: Why are you asking me that? [crosses arms, making a face] I’ve got a competition to win, if you hadn’t noticed.

[Editors cut:

Lee stands, discussing something about lighting and filming hours and the real impact the season of the show will have on storytelling through reality tv shows, when Lex storms his way out of the interviewing room. “Wow,” Lee says, watching him go, “guess drinks was a bust.”]

[Cut to work room, Giselle and Rainn are at the fabric wall]

Giselle: What happened on Friday?

Rainn: [waves a hand dismissively, crouching to pull a length of champagne suede fabric out] We went out for drinks. I thought it was boring, honestly. Lex wasn’t invited, he saw something on Marie’s instagram.

Giselle: Wait. Lex has Marie on instagram? Aren’t phones banned as part of our NDA?

Rainn: [checking if anyone is in close proximity over her shoulder, standing up] Honestly, [voice lowers, leaning towards Giselle] they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing here. There’s no way this [redacted] is airing.

Giselle: [disappointed] Oh. That sucks.

[Editors cut:

Producer, part time model and spiritual guide, Wes, ends the film. “Guys, can we please stick to the agreed topics of discussion?” Giselle and Rainn look at each other, preparing for the cameras to roll again.]

Rainn: [clicks tongue] I guess. How was your date? Kason seems like a total [redacted].

Giselle: Actually, it was nice. We have a lot in common.

Rainn: Oh, really? [blinks, tongue running along her teeth] You don’t seem like this type.

Giselle: [squinting at Rainn] How would you know his type? We’ve all known each other about five minutes.

Rainn: I . . . don’t. I mean—just assuming of course. [laughs, backing away, stutters, blows a raspberry, is absolutely certain Giselle can see her sweating] But I—like you said, we don’t even know each other. Ignore me! [tries to stop herself from running back to her work table—fails]

Giselle: [blinking and watching Rainn’s retreat] Oh . . . kay. [turns back to getting her fabric]

Voiceover: It’s weird, all this talk about personal drama—which, again, actually isn’t technically allowed according to the contract and the NDA that I think everyone signed. It’s almost like this isn’t a game show where someone can win £10,000 or a chance to work for one of the largest fashion houses in the world by making clothes to meet a brief each week? Is it just me? Is it really just me doing my job? No! No, it looks like Khalil is on his way to the sit down with Veronica Kosovo as a reward for making good clothes on this game show that maybe we should get back to?

[Shot of skyscraper buildings in London—particularly the ugly one that set a car on fire—focusing on Khalil stepping out of a car in front of a large building. Khalil’s own voiceover plays as he makes his way inside and to Veronica’s office]

Khalil: Being named star stitcher for the first week really kind of cements exactly why I’m here. It puts everything into perspective, and really puts weight to the encouragement I’d always received from my mum. This sit down with Veronica Kosovo is truly an honour, it’s not something I’d thought possible for someone like me in a million years.

[Camera poised in a white room, where Veronica Kosovo sits, facing the door, watching Khalil’s entrance. His smile is bashful, almost too big for his face as he closes the door behind him, walking towards Veronica and kissing both of her cheeks.]

Khalil: Oh, wow, it’s so amazing to meet you!

Veronica: And you must be Khalil.

[Editors cut: “Really?” Veronica is sat against a black backdrop. “Really?”

“Veronica, please,” Lee says, trying his best not to roll his eyes—apparently, etiquette in high fashion London houses is akin to being around royalty or some other likely tripe—forcing a thin smile, “it’s four sentences.”

“Ah,” Veronica shrugs her shoulders, “but is it?”

“It is literally,” he says slowly, measuring his breaths, “four sentences. You have the script right there in your hand, all you have to do is look at the camera and repeat the words.”

“I know how to read. I just don’t think it’s appropriate. Look, here,” she points at the script in her hand, “this isn’t correct. I didn’t just study fashion in Paris—I experienced fashion in Paris. The difference is important.”

“Oh my god,” Lee turns away, baring his teeth at a producer, “get Remington, now.”]

Khalil: It is such an honour to be here, Mrs Kosovo.”

Veronica: [smiles demurely] Veronica, please. Now, I hear you’ve impressed Bobbi Amos.

[Cut back to the workroom, Marissa stenciling out patterns on muslin, referring back to the tablet next to her with her sketch. Vanna, now with slightly darker pink hair with dark roots that brushes her shoulders, approaches tentatively]

[Cut to Vanna interview]

Vanna: I haven’t spoken to Marissa since the last showcase. It’s weird, because the only reason I’m even here is to support her and the last time I tried I got burnt so [shrugs, looking deflated] I don’t know.

[Camera focuses back on action, Marissa makes a decisive tear to the muslin, turning to her mannequin only to face Vanna]

Marissa: Oh. Hi.

Vanna: Hi. [spends a second or two blinking at her, before seeming to remember their whereabouts and the cameraman approximately a metre away from her] I—Uh—How are you?

Marissa: [voice too shrill to be anywhere near neutral or composed] I’m good! [winces, gets herself together] I’m uh, I’m okay. How are you? We missed you at drinks.

Vanna: I’m okay. You know, work. [they share a laugh] Can I see your design?

Marissa: [staring at Vanna, at first missing her question completely before hearing it again] Oh, of course. Here, look. [steps back and to the side, reaching for the tablet and drawing it closer to her] It’s inspired, which I think is what Remington wants. I don’t know, though, maybe feathers is too loose compared to doing the bling but then that would be obvious, wouldn’t it?

Vanna: It’s good.

Marissa: You think so?

Vanna: Yeah. [nods head for emphasis, turning to face Marissa] It’s really good.

Marissa: [trying not to smile too widely, looking down away at the fabric already pinned to the mannequin. She takes a deep breath, focusing on Vanna who is zooming in on certain aspects of the sketch on the tablet] I’m sorry.

Vanna: What?

Marissa: [aware her face is now burning and her throat feels too tight] I’m sorry. About how I acted last week. You were just trying to support me—which is understandable, y’know, because there’s ten grand in it for you and I . . . I’m not used to being around people when I get like that. So, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings or made you think that I didn’t want you there. It’s just, Seth said that I upset you and I wanted to get that out of the way so we can continue working together.

Vanna: No—I mean, it kinda upset me, but I don’t want to make what was a [redacted] time for you about me. I get it, Marissa, you don’t have to worry.

[The two of them share a smile that goes on a fraction of a second too long, given that the cameraman makes a show of taking the camera off his shoulder and announcing it’s time for him to get a [redacted] coffee, and something about a Lee being right about the drama.]

[Camera cuts back to Khalil’s sit down. Both him and Veronica are laughing, cups of tea and finger sandwiches forgotten. Veronica is sat leaning on the table, smiling as Khalil recounts a story of his childhood.]

Veronica: Oh, Khalil, Remington was right.

Khalil: He was? About what?

Veronica: The thing about Remington [draws herself up, because Veronica Kosovo, of Kosovo Klothes, is a woman who can tell a good meaningful story] is that he’s very rarely right about anything. His brand, for one, is toeing the line of being wrong. His choice to do reality tv to get fresh blood because everyone knows to be a Veronica Ambassador means much more and is a better recruitment technique than anything he could cobble together. Having Winona Covington be the judge for fashion is honestly, ludicrous. The woman decorates her house with cheetah print—she wouldn’t know taste if it was available in the form of an injectable. He’s just [sighs] Remington Ricci is a man who has only been right about two things since I’ve known him, Khalil.

[Editors cut:

“You know, Veronica, at this point it’s just bullying.”

“I’m sorry,” she laughs, now having torn the script in half after going back and forth with the creative director about the wording of her four sentence backstory. “Am I not doing you a favour?”

“It—” Remington flounders for an answer when Veronica purses her lips at him, “yes, I guess y0u are.”

“Quite right, Remington. Look, that’s three things.”]

Khalil: Two things? Really?

Veronica: Yes. [pausing for dramatic effect by taking a delicate sip of her green tea] One: Remington Ricci predicted the death of jumpsuits. This will only be true for three more months, because Piper—you know Piper Williams, right? Of course you do—will be releasing new jumpsuit ensembles for the modern working woman before she departs for South Africa. Two: he told me you were talented, and that man, if nothing else, has an eye for talent.

[Khalil sits quiet for a few moments, digesting the most roundabout compliment he’s ever received in his life.]

Khalil: Oh . . . wow. Thank you.

Veronica: [nodding] It’s important that you understand that you are talented. You’ve got a great career in front of you, Khalil.

Khalil: [grinning]

[Cut back to the work room, Marcel and Cristal—who as promised, has bleached her buzzcut blonde— are doing elaborate design work, involving hand stitching beads onto a peplum top]

Marcel: This is going to take a lot longer than I’d thought.

Cristal: Remington appreciates all of the details, so I think it’s worth it.

Marcel: Hm.

[Cut to Marcel interview]

Marcel: So this week, our challenge is to create a look inspired by the 1920s fashion era. I mean, I’ve heard of Great Gatsby—I had to read it for my degree, but like, it feels so dated. So, for my look, I’ve taken the idea of the bling that really inspired the era with the opulence and grandeur, and I’m incorporating that into a peplum top because the woman of today is still about making statements but that can be shown in the cuts of clothes, too. I’ve got Cristal helping with the hand sewing, and I’m pairing the top with some cigarette trousers.

[Cut back to Marcel and Cristal working]

Marcel: How long have we got left today?

Cristal: About eight more hours.

Marcel: Sound.

[Camera refocuses on Rainn and Kason at their work table. Rainn is absolutely point blank one hundred percent not bothered about Kason and Giselle going on a date. She’s got more important things to worry about, like getting the line of the skirt to fall correctly, and making sure she’s got something for her model to try when she arrives for fittings; and the competition she’s here to win. What does it matter that one minute Kason was attempting reconciliation and now he’s moved on? It’s exactly what she wanted. Right?]

Rainn: [crouched in front of her mannequin, tacking pins at the hem of the a-line skirt, holding her hand out for more pins Kason is obediently dropping into her palm] Giselle’s a nice girl.

Kason: [looking down at Rainn, confused and slightly afraid to engage her in conversation, the silence has been quite nice] Uh, yeah. She’s sweet. [Kason does not say that Giselle is actually an emotionally mature twenty-two year old who knows how to communicate her feelings and has made it pretty transparent that whilst she likes him, she will not get involved in the drama that is festering under the surface between Kason and Rainn.] I’m taking her for food tonight.

Rainn: You are? [almost tears a hole into the satin of the skirt with the force of inserting the final pin] I mean, is she really your type?]

Kason: I like her. She likes me.

Rainn: You know what? [slides the skirt off the mannequin, turning towards Kason at full height] We don’t have to have this conversation.

Kason: You’re the one who bought it up.

Rainn: [talking over him] Well, it was only to be polite. I’m not actually interested.

Kason: [rolls lips into his mouth as he stares at her] Right. Of course you’re not.

Rainn: Right.

Kason: [goes to say that maybe Rainn should focus on the competition and leave all attempts of asking questions about his dating life under the guise of being polite at the door. Does not say any of this, as Khalil enters the room]

[Camera focuses on Khalil’s entrance, cut to Giselle heading straight towards him and linking his arm]

Giselle: Oh, my god! How was it?

Khalil: Uh, [laughs, letting her lead him out and towards the break room] very intense.

[Camera follows their exit, positioning to the side of the table in the break room when they sit down]

Giselle: Well, yeah, of course. But what was Veronica like?

Khalil: Veronica was . . . everything and nothing what I’d thought she’d be like.

Giselle: [sighing dreamily] I’m so happy for you.

Voiceover: With now only six hours before today is over, all of the competitors are hard at work putting their designs together. Well, [camera cuts to Christian who is stood at his work table, growing increasingly more annoyed] almost all of the competitors. Christian hasn’t taken the brief well.

Nico: [reaching out to look at the tablet with Christian’s sketch] You can do this.

Christian: I can’t.

Nico: Why not? Come on, you’re a talented guy.

Christian: [sighs heavily] Nico, you know any other time I’d accept the compliment very graciously [Nico raises his eyebrows] and let you know that I’m very much aware of how talented I am—but, this brief is awful.

[Cut to Christian interview]

Christian:I’m a very creative person. I know how to work to briefs. I just can’t work to this one. I’m physically incapable of working to briefs that are terrible.

[Cut back to action]

Nico: The brief is fine. I think maybe you’re stuck in your head.

Christian: [looks to Nico, ready to argue back, but thinks about what’s been said. Shoulders slump] I think so. I just don’t have the time to not be working. [camera snaps to clock and back] The showcase is tomorrow.

Nico: Right. So, you’re going to get out of your head now and then we can get to work.

Christian: How?

Nico: [looks around the room] You’re going to throw that chair, release all this—stuff holding you back, and then you’re going to design something worth putting your name to.

[Cut to Nico interview. Nico: a man of few words, but many good sayings.]

Nico: Christian isn’t that bad. Yeah, he came in giving it a big talk, but I think once you kind of get past that, he’s sound. [nods head along to his words] I mean, you can tell he’s always had to fight by himself, so you know, I’m hoping he’ll let me tag myself in.

[Cut to Christian, who stands hands clenched around the back of a chair. He looks to Nico for reassurance and receives a nod of affirmation.]

Christian: Ok. [takes a deep breath, twists his torso and then turns, throwing the chair to the other side of the room. It lands with a clatter, the metal scraping on the floor before it falls to its side. Nico lets out a cheer, clapping him on his shoulder.] Let’s get to work.

[Editors cut:

“Ok. Cool. Cool. Cool.” Lee nods back at the footage, lips rolled into his mouth, arms crossed. “Cool.” Blinks again. “Cool. So, ah, right—we have time for a redemption arc, which you know cool, but when I say that we should focus more on that blonde skinny boy making everyone’s time generally pretty [redacted] I’m told no because it’s glamorizing ‘workplace bullying’. Cool.” [is given a reply along the lines of trying to make all of the competitors the same in terms of likability—which is not really reflective or true to character—so that viewers have someone to root for.] “That’s fake,” Lee says, shrugging, “it’s not right. I don’t care about poor sad southern boy who walks along pebble beaches because he’s never had friends. I care about making a show that isn’t a complete [redacted] trainwreck. And you know how we do that? [a writer mumbles a response] “Correct, Lucy. With skinny white boy giving everyone a hard time.”]

[Camera opens on Seth, who is stood in the break room, waiting for the kettle to boil. Sydney, Lex and Chana sit at one of the tables.]

Lex: What was that noise?

Sydney: Nico has Christian throwing chairs in the workroom.

Lex: Why?

Sydney: [flippantly] It’s a great stress reliever. Helps you get out of your head.

Chana: [nods along when Lex looks to her for confirmation] We do it every Friday.

Lex: You do? Have none of you heard of taking a jog? Having a break? Anything that isn’t a nightmare for health and safety?

Seth: [approaching the table now the kettle has boiled and he’s made himself a cup of coffee, looking particularly smug—he’s absolutely certain that Giselle will win Star Stitcher] Why jog when you can throw chairs?

Lex: [grumbling beneath his breath. Taking Chana’s advice on board, he’s trying to ignore Seth as much as he can]

Chana: Seth, please.

Seth: Guys [laughs] I’m just trying to make conversation.

Sydney: Yeah, but can you not? [squints up at Seth] You’re kind of annoying.

Seth: [mouth forming an ‘o’ and nodding along] I can see that. But I can also see that you’re all losers. I want Giselle to feel like she had to fight a bit to win.

Sydney: That’s funny [sticks out bottom lip in confusion] because Giselle didn’t win star stitcher.

Seth: Yeah, but we’ve all seen Khalil’s work, Syd. He’s not better than Giselle.

Sydney: The judges think differently.

Seth: Syd

Sydney: Seth. If you don’t mind, you’ve interrupted a private conversation. We get it, truly, you’re upset that Vanna is spending more time with Marissa than she is with you, and Cristal is actually doing her job. [shrugs shoulders in mock sympathy] But you aren’t wanted here.

[Cut to Marissa and Vanna in the fabric store room, laughing]

Marissa: No, seriously sh—[stops when noticing Seth stood scowling in the doorway. Vanna turns at her silence, noticing Seth, too. Marissa is of the opinion that he wafts around like a bad odour, but judging from the group dynamic, it’s mostly suffer in silence because Vanna thinks he’s a semi part-time decent guy if caught in the right twenty minute window] Oh.

Seth: [looks first at Vanna who has spoken approximately six words to him since the brief was given in the morning; and then at Marissa, who hasn’t looked in his direction since he almost-kind of-but definitely did threaten her at the last showcase] Good. You’re both here. I’ve come to apologise.

Vanna: You are?

Marissa: [at the same time] Apologise?

Seth: Yeah. It’s this thing where you confront what you’ve done that could have potentially hurt someone else’s feelings, so you talk about your intent behind your actions and promise to never do it again and hope that person forgives you.

Marissa: I know what an apology is.

Seth: [under his breath] Of course you do. [at normal speaking volume, turning to face Marissa fully] I’m sorry for what I said to you before the showcase last week. It was obviously a really high stress situation for you, and I don’t think you’re a malicious person or anything. But—I just . . . [gesturing to Vanna who is stood with a roll of shiny fabric to her chest] I care about Vanna a lot, and I, I guess I just wanted to make sure you weren’t out to hurt her.

Marissa: That’s really big of you. Apology accepted.

Seth: Great. So . . . I’m gonna go [points back behind his shoulder, almost forgets how his limbs function] and uh, help Giselle win.

Marissa: [turning to Vanna once he’s left] Everyone here is so weird.

Vanna: [struggling to laugh along and focus back on the conversation they’d been having pre Seth apology] Yeah. So weird.

Voiceover: With four hours until the end of day one, it’s time for the model’s fittings. Personally, I would have left in the bit of scouting models, but Remington decided it’d be too much work to work within a 24 hour deadline and still scout their own models.

[Cut to Khalil who is helping a model put her arms into a tailored jacket with padded shoulders]

Khalil: Yeah [stands behind the model to look in the mirror] that’s great.

Sydney: [sat on the work table, again filing her nails] So, Veronica—total [redacted], right?

Khalil: [laughs, moving to tack the hem of the jacket] Surprisingly, not as much as I’d thought she would be. Yeah, she hates Remington, but there’s like a grudging respect there, too.

Sydney: You might be a Veronica Boy soon. Tell Piper I hate her.

[Cut to Khalil interview]

Khalil: So even though I spent the morning with Veronica, I still had to work on the brief. I was able to sketch my idea and Sydney did most of the work for me. Sydney, she’s great, honestly, I think we work together so well, she really gets my vision. So my look is this really dramatic jacket with padded shoulders but the bodice is super tailored. I was really inspired by the 20s always making a statement—with the bling, the ambiance, the parties, so the idea comes from there. I wanted a jacket because usually women were kind of like Daisy’s you know, but today, they’re really powerful and I wanted a jacket to reflect that. I’m pairing it with a pencil skirt.

[Cut back to action, the model has taken the jacket off and Khalil is making adjustments to the waist of the skirt]

Khalil: What happened here? I heard Lex kind of [makes explosion sound]

Sydney: Yeah, he [redacted] the bed.

Khalil: I’m surprised Rainn didn’t.

Sydney: [looks at Rainn, who is on the other side of the work room, turning her model around] She will.

[Camera refocuses on Chana and Lex at their work table. Lex did make an apology sometime around lunch, that was barely audible, but Chana is eager to keep the peace as much as possible because hello: ten thousand pounds. Lex is still grumbling, but less so, and as his model takes off the dress and expresses her excitement for the showcase tomorrow]

Lex: Seriously, [turns to Chana] I just don’t think he’s that good.

Chana: [resting her head on her hand] But he is.

Lex: It’s debatable. Fashion is subjective.

Chana: Lex. [sighs, watching him slide the dress back on the mannequin] You won’t die if you admit that Khalil’s talented.

Lex: Ah. But is he?

Chana: [rolls eyes, focusing on the task Lex has given her]

[Cut to Chana interview]

Chana: Sometimes talking to Lex is literally like talking to a brick wall. [tilts head to the side, thinking] Or, maybe he thinks he’s talking to a brick wall because it’s never really a conversation, he just says things to you. Like, I tried to tell him that he shouldn’t try to modernise the flapper dress because it’s literally what Remington said he didn’t want. But we’re doing a flapper dress.

[Cut to Vanna and Seth sat in the office space, camera slowly zooming in until their the centre of the frame]

[Editors cut:

“This is his last chance,” Lee says, trying to engage Remington into a conversation to distract him from his encounter with Veronica, “I mean, he’s our last shot at any drama before we have to pit two women against each other over a guy.”]

Vanna: [has been thinking about the way this conversation can go for about thirty four minutes. Ultimately exited the workroom because her being there wasn’t helping Marissa, at all] I’m glad you apologised to Marissa.

Seth: [spins in his chair to face her; they’re talking really quietly considering they’re the only two people in the room] I know you really like her. [watches Vanna’s face freeze] Not like—well, yeah, like that, but also . . . I know you think she’s a nice girl.

Vanna: She is.

Seth: You also think I’m worth the time of day, so I mean. [they laugh] But, like [finds it very difficult to put into words what he wants to say to her, has recently heard from Cristal that Vanna would appreciate the moments when he makes himself vulnerable and shares something real with her] I meant what I said to her. About caring about you. And wanting you to like, be happy.

Vanna: Thank you. I care about you too, you know.

Seth: I know. It’s just. This means we’re done, doesn’t it?

Vanna: [has known Seth for the past three years, is the reason why she signed up for the competition last year, is the reason that she’s even here to meet Marissa. He’s also, kind of, awful in relationships and can be mean instead of being honest, hides behind sarcasm to the point it’s isolated him in the past—but ultimately, she knows that their on-again, off-again situationship that she once wanted to be a relationship was important in keeping him afloat] Yeah, I think so. [they share a sad smile]

Seth: [wants to resent Marissa Cole from Bradford, but knows that she’s a nineteen year old girl who didn’t do anything other than cement what was already dead] I— [chokes on the words, decides to stay silent, sharing another smile with Vanna]

[Editors cut:

“Oh, god!” Lee wails, hands in his hair in despair. “We’re done! It’s over! We’ve [redacted] it up.”

“No,” Remington says, moving to watch the footage more critically, “I think we’ve got something good here.”]

[Cut to Giselle interview]

Giselle: There’s about an hour left before the end of the day, and I’m feeling quietly confident about the position I’m in. The fitting went well, I’m ahead of schedule and I should finish on time tonight.

[Cut to Rainn interview]

Rainn: [looking particularly haggard] I am floundering right now. The fitting was an absolute nightmare so I’ve got to start again and hope to get something completed in the last four hours we’ve got until the showcase. Kason has [redacted] off to god knows where—probably with Giselle or even sniffing after Marissa, who knows. I’m just [throws hands in the air, the most dramatic gesture Rainn has made in the past year] I’m a mess.

[Cut to Marcel stitching the last few beads on to the top]

Marcel: If I ever see another bead in my life, I may vomit.

Cristal: [laughs] At least we’re good for time.

Marcel: Yeah, right. So, wait, I heard that Jaiden was lying about who he was and Marie sabotaged him?

Cristal: You did? From who?

Marcel: Marie did an instagram live.

Cristal: God.

[Camera moves to Christian’s table, where Nico and Sydney are watching him sat at a sewing machine]

Sydney: Drinks tomorrow night?

Nico: Really? After Mr. Dramatic today?

Sydney: [waves hand flippantly] Who cares about him? He can stay at the hotel with your guy.

Nico: Christian isn’t so bad.

Sydney: [makes a face] You sure? Doesn’t he go to pebble beaches for fun?

Nico: Well, yeah, I guess, but once you get to know him, he’s okay.

Sydney: If you say so. I guess he can come. It’ll be me, you, Khalil, Cristal and Marcel, Marie—but only if she stops with the instagram posts, Seth, Vanna, Marissa, Rainn and Chana.

Nico: What about Kason and Giselle?

Sydney: They’re going on another date. [wiggles eyebrows]

Nico: Oh, my god. Seth might die.

Sydney: Hopefully. [they laugh loudly, even going so far as to high five]

Voiceover: The first day has come to an end, and some competitors have made more progress than others. [camera snaps from Khalil and Giselle’s more or less completed ensembles, to the muslin tacked together on Rainn’s mannequin] Tomorrow, they’ll have three hours to get their models runway ready ahead of the showcase.

[Cut to Seth and Giselle interview]

Seth: Today’s the day Giselle is named star stitcher!

Giselle: [embarrassed] I don’t know about that.

Seth: So modest. Giselle’s dress is the best in that room, and the judges will see that, too.

Off screen interviewer: Seth, how are you dealing with Vanna’s rejection? Are you upset that you’ve been pushed to the side for her to pursue Marissa?

Giselle: [faintly behind the sound of Seth’s outburst] Uh, what?

Seth: Are you [redacted] joking me? [looks amongst crowd to spot out Lee who is attempting to smother a laugh behind his hand] Mate, what is your problem?

[Editors cut: “We’re all about honesty here,” Lee says, taking a step back at Seth’s approach. “We’re trying to start important conversations.”

“Get over yourself, you [redacted] loser.” Seth snarls, moving closer to sneer in Lee’s face. “No one gives a [redacted] about anything this is going to say, because it’s a reality show. You ask me anything about Vanna again, and we’re going to take this outside. Are we clear?


[Brief cut, camera focusing again on Seth and Giselle’s interview. Neither of them look particularly excited, Giselle is fidgeting and Seth’s arms are crossed]

Giselle: So, we’re about two hours out from the showcase and I think I’ll do quite well on today. [looks to Seth for corroboration, doesn’t receive anything other than his lips rolled into his mouth. Turns back to the camera.] We’re excited.

[Cut to Seth pacing in a corridor, camera slowly zooms in but Seth spots the camera, turning with a snarl on his face]

Seth: Get that [redacted] out of my face, ri—

[Interrupted broadcast image appears along with a long beep. Scene reopens on the workroom, Rainn is frantically sat at the sewing machine, forcing fabric through as quick as she can go. Kason approaches tentatively]

Kason: Hey, are yo—

Rainn: Oh my god. [rolls her head back to move her neck] Leave me alone.

Kason: What happened to the skirt?

Rainn: The skirt was awful, so I’m starting again.

Kason: Are you sure? I thought it was good.

Rainn: [talking loudly over him] I don’t care what you think, Kason. Can you please, just [flicks arm out away from her] go away?

[Cut to Rainn interview]

Rainn: So, [sighs, looking particularly put out that she has to sit and even self reflect] it looks like being a perfectionist is not a good thing. I don’t know. Nothing I’m making is perfect, so I’m stuck doubting all of my ideas. This creative thing sucks.

[Cut to Marcel, Giselle and Khalil gathered at Marcel’s work table.]

Khalil: Jeez.

Giselle: [talking quietly as Christian is circling the area under the pretense of looking for more buttons] I know. [is trying to pinpoint the exact moment what was once a competition game show where she could win a chance to work for Remington Ricci turned into a complete disaster] He basically said to the guy to go around the corner.

Marcel: [laughing] Wow. I don’t get it, are him and Vanna together?

Khalil: No. So Sydney told me that they were, but it was like casual but apparently Vanna really wanted it to be official. But Seth called it off about two months ago.

Giselle: [focusing on the information] Yeah, but Seth said the decision was out of his hands. [groans, standing straight and shaking her head] This is all nuts, I’m here to make some clothes and hopefully make some money.

Voiceover: Thank god Giselle is on the right wavelength. With just an hour to go until the showcase, the mentors have been ferried away to that fancy secret room with all the drinks.

[Cut to Cristal and Vanna who are sat talking to each other, when Seth enters the room.]

Nico: You threatened the voiceover guy? [Other conversations cease, all six turning to face Seth who takes his time to sit down on the edge of the chair]

Seth: Uh—first of all, wrong. I made it clear what topics are on the table. Second of all, who the [redacted] told you?

Vanna: [turning to face Seth fully, is sat three spaces away from him] You did what? Why?

Seth: I literally just said that I didn’t threaten him.

Vanna: Ok. So what happened?

Seth: I’m sorry [addressing the whole room] but I don’t need to explain myself. I know what I said, I know what I did. I also really don’t like that you’re all so quick to believe Giselle who has obviously gone around spreading [redacted] for the sake of it.

Cristal: Um, it wasn’t Giselle.

Sydney: And she’s actually really nice so I don’t think she’d do that.

Kason: Yeah, [frowning at Seth] she wouldn’t do that, she’s not like you.

Seth: Wow. [wonders whether tipping over the table of drinks would make everyone stop questioning him and acting like he’s the bad guy. Also kind of can’t believe that working here for five years since he was seventeen and begging to be an intern has led to this]

Chana: That wasn’t nice, Kason.

Kason: Throwing Giselle under the bus isn’t nice, either.

[Cut to Kason interview]

Kason: It’s so funny to me that we’re all contracted to be here supporting these competitors and offering them good advice and supporting them making their entry into the industry, and Seth still finds a way to have everything revolve around him. I don’t get why he can’t just admit he [redacted] up and didn’t act professionally, but now he’s cracking on with some sob story that everyone’s just gonna eat up.

[Editors cut:

“Oh, [redacted].” Lee whispers, giddy in his seat. “It’s happening.”]

[Camera focuses back on the room. Kason is now stood up in the corner, having a whispered conversation with Sydney. Seth is sat with his arms crossed, trying to wait out the hour in silence. Everyone else is attempting a conversation to have some kind of normalcy—and also because producer, part time model, and spiritual guide, Wes, asked them to so they’d have some footage to use]

Nico: I think Christian managed to pull it together. I’m proud of him.

Cristal: That’s good. It’s really, like, inspiring to be around them all. I feel more motivated to work because they’re so eager to be here.

Nico: [nodding along] Yeah, that’s it! The atmosphere, for the most part, is amazing.

Chana: It will only get better from here. There is no way Lex is making it out of this week alive.

Cristal: You think? I don’t know, Bobbi might like sticking to tradition.

Chana: [sipping a drink through the straw] Nah. Lex is too stubborn for his own good. What about you, Vanna? How do you think Marissa will do?

Vanna: Huh? Oh, [fights to get herself back into the conversation] I think she’ll do great.

[Editors cut: Seth finds Lee whilst they’re setting up the equipment for the showcase. “Hi.” Lee turns from a conversation he’d been having with one of the writers to face him, confused. “I wanted to apologise. I—well, you’ve seen the footage, right? I,” pauses, moves his hands in ways that communicate his feeling for him, but the conversation requires actual words, “I’m a mess. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you, or threatened you, or made a scene and ruined Giselle’s moment. I’m really sorry.”

Lee stares at him for a while longer, before breaking into a smile, “You’re a funny kid.”

“I am?”

“Yeah. You’ve got this whole [redacted] the world thing going on, which was probably cute when you were younger, but you’re what? Twenty two? It’s not cute anymore, and that girl over there,” points behind Seth’s shoulder to Vanna who is sat amongst the other mentors waiting for the camera to start rolling, “she’s gonna stop giving you second chances. I get it, the question was inappropriate—I’ve been telling Remington that we’re getting pushback on the creative direction but—that’s nothing to do with you, whatever. Look, you’ve gotta get better at communicating your feelings. I mean, I think the whole thing is great for TV, but four weeks from now, your life won’t be a tv show. You get what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, I think so. Thanks.”]

[Camera cuts to the dimmed lighting of the showcase. White lights begin to flash. Cut to mentors and competitors sitting either side of the runway. A few more employees are sat in the rows behind. Judges, Winona, Uma and Bobbi are sat the judges table at the end of the runway. Remington Ricci appears, and walks down the runway before taking a seat. Lights dim further, a spotlight appearing above the RR logo at the back of the runway.]

Voiceover: Showcase time has arrived! With even higher stakes, and the threat of someone going home tonight, it’s time to see if the competitors coped with the added pressure.

[The showcase begins, upbeat 1920s music begins playing over the clip. Lex’s model walks first]

Lex voiceover: I really struggled this week, and I let non-factors get into my head and affect the way I approached my work. I did persevere, but I’m not too happy with the finished product. I ended up with a recreation of the flapper dress, reimagined for the modern woman who enjoys a party but also enjoys being comfortable. I raised the hem a few inches, accentuating my models legs, and I went for a blue rather than the traditional gold.

[Judge’s critiques play as voiceover, as model reaches the end of the runway.]

Remington: Here we have a flapper dress.

Bobbi: That’s interesting, because that’s not what we wanted.

Uma: I think Lex’s stubbornness has got the best of him.

[Marissa’s model walks next]

Marissa voiceover: I wanted to do something a bit out of the box, whilst staying true to the brief and my own personal style. I think the feathers represent the era well, and it’s not too much having them feature on the skirt—it gives the look a bit of life, and keeps it fun, too. The crop top is quite simple, but still in theme, I think.

[Judge’s critiques]

Winona: It’s cute. It’s fun. I really like it.

Remington: It’s inspired.

[Giselle’s model enters]

Giselle voiceover: I love my look. It’s bold, it’s elegant, it’s everything the era was. I’m really proud of my work and that I created something of this standard in such little time.

[Judge’s thoughts]

Bobbi: Wow.

Uma: I really feel like Giselle understood the brief to a level that we couldn’t have asked her to. This ensemble is incredible.

[Marcel’s model enters]

Marcel voiceover: It’s definitely the most intricate and detailed thing I’ve ever made. When I see it walking down the runway, I’m actually really impressed with myself. The beads look great, even from a distance, and when it catches the light it looks incredible.

[Judge’s thoughts]

Winona: Cute.

[Christian’s model walks]

Christian voiceover: I didn’t have the best start to the week, but I’m glad Nico helped me get out of my head. I’m presenting work I’m happy with, it’s nothing incredible, but I think it’s enough to keep me safe.

[Rainn’s model walks]

Rainn voiceover: I . . . at least the model’s dressed. I went back to my original skirt, and I’m pretty happy with it. I just hope that the judges can see that I tried the best I could.

[Khalil’s model enters]

Khalil: I feel like this week was pretty challenging for everyone, but I definitely pushed myself. I love the jacket, I think it looks great and it feels inspired by the era and the model wears it amazingly.

[Judge’s critiques]

Bobbi: And Khalil does it again!

Uma: The way he just gets silhouettes and his ability to tailor—you can’t teach that.

[The lights flash as the showcase ends. Scene reopens on the seven competitors stood at the end of the runway, facing the judges. Remington Ricci stands in front of the table, the other judges sat behind. The mentors stand to the left.]

Remington: This week, I asked you all to create a look inspired by the roaring 20s. I wanted something that didn’t look like a halloween costume, but had been reimagined for the woman of today whilst still being a callback to the era. It wasn’t an easy task, especially when I asked you to create a look in just twenty four hours, but some of you [camera cuts to faces of Giselle, Khalil and Marcel] really did let your inspiration sing to you, whilst others [cuts to Lex, Christian and Rainn] muffled the voice that wanted to be heard. This week, it took us a while to agree on a star stitcher, but we finally agreed on a designer. Not only was their look inspired, but it was high fashion, it was true to who they are as a designer. Our star stitcher is . . . [dramatic music intensifies, camera sliding along the faces of all of the competitors] . . . Giselle!

[Both competitors and mentors applause, camera focusing on Giselle who has her hands over her mouth in shock. She takes a step forward after receiving congrats from Khalil, who is stood next to her.]

Remington: Well done, Giselle.

Giselle: [choked up] Thank you, so much!

Uma: Your look was incredible, Giselle. You should be proud.

Remington: As a reward, you’ve won yourself and one other competitor a helicopter ride as well as lunch at the Ritz. You’ll choose your companion next week. You can go back to the workroom.

[Giselle walks back up the runway]

Remington: If I say your name, please step forward. Marissa, Khalil, Marcel. [they all step forward] You’re all safe. Congratulations, you can return to the workroom. [the three of them, along with their mentors, walk back up the runway and exit]

[Lex, Rainn and Christian stand further spaced out]

Remington: Lex, I heard you had a few difficulties with the other competitors this week.

Lex: [gulps] There was a slight misunderstanding, yes.

Bobbi: [piercing laugh] A bit more than a misunderstanding, wasn’t it?

Lex: It was a miscommunication, and I felt a bit wronged.

Remington: Lex, friendships happen organically over time. You can’t force it, especially not in an environment like this. But that shouldn’t matter, you’re here to win a competition, aren’t you?

Lex: Yes.

Remington: So do you mind explaining what you had walking down the runway?.

Lex: I—uh

Remington: [continuing on and speaking over Lex] See, I delivered the brief yesterday, and I remember saying I didn’t want to see a flapper dress. Imagine my surprise when I see your model emerge . . . in a flapper dress.

Lex: I tried to reimagine and reinvent the flapper dress, for the modern woman, like your brief said. That’s why I went with blues and raised the hem and altered the neckline. It’s not so much a flapper dress, anymore, but a cocktail dress.

Remington: [sighs] Lex. [looks incredibly patient] It’s a flapper dress. I hope your stubbornness isn’t hindering your performance here. Did we not have this conversation last week?

Lex: [looks down at the floor]

Remington: Christian. [camera focuses on Christian’s face as he stands to full attention, then moves back to be in view of the judges] Your look wasn’t awful, but compared to the other four in the workroom and already safe, it didn’t wow us in the same way.

Christian: I understand. I tried my best with the brief and tried to get out of my comfort zone as much as I could.

Uma: I can tell it’s not something you’re familiar or comfortable with. But fashion is about pushing yourself as much as you can, forgetting everything that stops you and committing to an idea to your fullest.

Christian: It’s something I’m having to learn. Nico really helped me get into a different headspace this week. [camera catches them sharing a smile, Nico looks very pleased]

Winona: The dress honestly wasn’t bad, it just needed that something extra. You’ve got to make the calls as a designer.

Remington: Rainn. [almost laughs.] Rainn. In the bottom again, and I think we’re about to have the same conversation. We’ve seen your work, we’ve gushed about your work, and yet what you’re presenting us is . . . not you.

[Cut to Rainn interview]

Rainn: It’s so disappointing to hear that feedback from Remington. I am, truly, trying my best here so I can only hope the judges give me another chance.

[Cut back to action]

Rainn: I let the pressure get the best of me and I’m struggling to go with my gut.

Remington: No one can make clothes like you, Rainn, remember that. You’re in this competition for a reason, so you’ve got to start believing in yourself.

[Lights briefly flash before dimming down again, camera drops into the room with three competitors stood together facing the judges]

Remington: We’ve made our decision. The person that’s going home is . . . [camera goes between Lex, Christian and Rainn’s faces] Lex. We set briefs for a reason, and it’s not okay to be too stubborn to stick to them just because you don’t feel like it. Lex, you’ve been Stitched Up.

Lex: Thank you so much for this opportunity.

[Lex’s voiceover plays as footage of him returning to the workroom to say his goodbyes and pack his belongings plays]

Lex voiceover: It’s really disappointing to leave the competition so early. I don’t feel like I got the chance to show what I’m capable of as a designer, but I’m grateful for the experience. I can’t say I’m going to miss anyone or that anyone was particularly nice to me, but I think it will make a good footnote in my memoirs.

[Clips of competitors and mentors talking in the workroom play, voiceover begins]

Voiceover: With now only six competitors left, and four weeks of the competition, it looks like things are only going to get harder from here. See you next week!


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