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Week One Nano Update

Hello. Yes, we're on Wix now. I've still gotta update some stuff but I can get into that later. Anyways, roll some updates:

- Current nano goal is 15k, I'm 8k in and approx 33% through rewriting Me & Your Ghost. Yes, I decided to start a rewrite of the beginning instead of dealing with the fact I haven't got the middle plotted. This is completely fine, I swear. I'm actually enjoying it. Turns out having an actual outline helps when it comes to setting up events and all that other storytelling stuff, who would have thought.

- Byron is so funny to me at this point in the story because his whole thing is him 70% of the time like, I'm absolutely not an asshole I'm such a nice guy like I'm genuine, I'm honest, I'm a great friend and then 30% of the time actually being a good friend to anyone that isn't of immediate benefit to him.

- Other Lockdown 2 things--yes, this is a thing now--I turned on my switch to play some Animal Crossing again. I have a love hate relationship with the glorified decorating game, wherein I'm like thankful I had something to do during Lockdown 1, but also resentful that the game I spent hours playing on DS is so far removed from what I knew that I struggle to enjoy it in the same way.

- I did update my dream address if that's of interest to anyone. My island is still half flat but there are vibes and trees. It's DA-1341-0746-0872

- The other elephant in the room: Wix. Right. So wordpress just wasn't cutting it for me honestly and I like the new look. There's still some stuff to do but I do prefer it here so far. I do miss the goodreads widget, but given it took me about 8 months to finish Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes it was actually verging on embarrasing.

- I'm rewatching Vikings to feel something. I've almost finished season one and the way everyone is obsessed and infatuated with Athelstan in this show is so fucking funny to me, because same.

- I didn't end up getting the flared jeans in the end.

- I've had to unprivate my Twitter (yuck).

- Hopefully next update I'll have something new for M&YG to share.


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