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WEEK ONE: Fashion Headliners


END OF BREAK SEQUENCE [Camera quickly zooms into the logo of RR as title of show appears on screen, same music playing]

[Cut to Vanna interview]

Off screen interviewer: Are you happy with your choice of Marissa?

Vanna: [looks unsure, hands tighten around the portfolio] I got into work late and didn’t even have a chance to read the email. It was the portfolio closest to me and I thought why not, y’know? [Shrugs] I hadn’t even seen her work.

Off screen interviewer: [prompting] And now that you have?

Vanna: [swallows] I’m stuck with it now, aren’t I? Got to help her the best that I can.

[Camera poised on the offices the mentors now have to work in. Eight competitors accompanied with their mentors file into the room. Three judges stand at the front waiting.]

Voiceover: It’s the first day of the competition! For our eight competitors, this is the first time they’re meeting their mentors. The judges have gathered everyone to give the details of the first weeks brief.

[Cuts to mentors standing in two lines of four facing competitors as they walk past them. Seth is standing next to Cristal, who has buzzed her hair off over the weekend.]

Seth: [dramatically] I could forgive the tattoos, Cristal [lowers voice as Sydney turns back to give him a dirty look] I managed to ignore them for the most part. But [takes a deep breath] I don’t know if I can ignore what you look like now.

Cristal: [rolls eyes] I couldn’t care less.

Seth: You should. As someone who is now required by a legally binding contract to see you face five times a week—it’s my duty to inform you of these facts.

Sydney: [turns around to scowl at Seth standing on the step above her] For God’s sake, shut your bloody mouth.

Seth: [crossing arms over his chest] Turn around little Welsh girl. Haven’t you got another sheep to go shag?

Sydney: Listen here you twat y—

[Camera cuts to competitors standing in two lines of four. Marcel and Giselle stand on either side of Lex.]

Lex: I can’t believe they’re arguing over there. How unprofessional. I’d rather die than have either of them as my mentor.

[Cut to Giselle interview]

Off screen interviewer: What are your first thoughts about your opponents?

Giselle: Well . . . they all have personalities.

[Camera pans to double doors that swing open as Remington Ricci arrives. Scattered, faint applause begins. Remington stands facing the two groups, in line with the other judges.]

[Editors cut:

“You are going to make that seem more dramatic, aren’t you?” Remington asks, scrutinising the clip played back for him. “I’d like someone in this room to be competent at their job.”]

Remington: Welcome! Today is the first day of a very challenging competition that is designed to put you to the test and show me who is capable of working for my company. Across from you, you’ll find the person you’re expected to work with for however long you last in this competition. Whether or not you get on isn’t anything I care about. [Takes a long look at those gathered before him] Let’s get you partnered up, shall we?

[Cut to Seth and Cristal whispering]

Seth: I bet you get that one who looks about forty years old.

Cristal: As long as it isn’t the one wearing the bootcuts. [They both shudder]

[Cuts quickly between the two groups as the music gets more dramatic. Cuts back to Remington as he announces who is working with who.]

Remington: Jaiden and Marie. Khalil and Sydney. Marcel and Cristal. Marissa and Vanna. Christian and Nico. Giselle and Seth. Lex and Chana. Rainn and Kason.

[Competitors and mentors spend a few moments introducing themselves. Cut to Giselle and Seth talking]

Seth: For a second there, I thought I’d chosen that old man with the crow’s feet.

Giselle: [sighing dramatically] He’s awful. We met at the hotel last night and he spent the whole time talking about how his age puts him at such an advantage.

Seth: How gauche.

[Cuts to Khalil and Sydney]

Khalil: This will be the longest I’ve been away from home.

Sydney: Adorable.

[Cut to Vanna and Marissa]

Marissa: I’m the youngest here, right? Should I be worried?

Vanna: I was the youngest in my cycle, too. It’s nothing to worry about.

[Cut to Rainn and Kason]

Kason: Are you excited to be here?

Rainn: [lip curled] The novelty is wearing off.

Kason: [mouth in an o shape] Oh, well . . . okay.

[Camera flashes white, then drops back into the room. Pairs are standing in front of the line of judges. Remington is ready to continue.]

Voiceover: With introductions made—some of them very painful, I feel for you, Kason—contestants are ready to receive the brief for this week along with meeting the judges.

Remington: I’m sure you all understand what an honour it is for you to be in this competition. It’s even more of one with the judges we’ve got this cycle. My long time friend who also has his own fashion line—though, not quite the empire I’ve got myself—Bobbi Amos. Former supermodel turned reality TV star, Winona Covington. Current supermodel, making waves all across the globe, Uma Thompson. They’re here to help me get rid of some of you—and for the extra coverage it will give them.

[Cuts to Bobbi who is scowling at the back of Remington’s head. Winona’s lips are pursed. Uma looks happy to be here.]

Remington: This week’s challenge is something all of you should be familiar with. It’s High Fashion. Think London Fashion Week, the September cover of Vogue. It’s making waves in fashion, setting the tone for the season. It’s contemporary—art. You’ve got until Friday for our first ever showcase. Present a look you think deserves to be in one of my fashion shows.

[Cut to Christian interview]

Christian: Judging purely from the way someone of my . . . competitors dressed today, they’re nothing to worry about. I’m confident that I’ll impress Remington Ricci and win this competition. It helps that my mentor, Nico, is easy on the eyes, too.

[Cut to the office breakroom. Seth, Vanna and Cristal sit around a small table drinking coffee. There’s a window out to the work room and main office working space.]

Cristal: So what do we think?

Seth: Of your hair? Awful. Of the newbies we’re stuck with for six weeks? Not worth thinking about.

Cristal: [rolls eyes] The hair is staying like this, whether you like it or not. I’m going to bleach is blonde tonight.

Vanna: [turns to Cristal] That would look amazing with your skin tone.

Seth: [slaps hand down on the table] We are not spending any more time talking about Cristal’s . . . poor choices.

Vanna: We get it. You want to be the only blonde amongst us.

Cristal: Giselle’s blonde

Vanna: Giselle’s gorgeous.

Cristal: Isn’t she. [Redacted], her and Marcel would have beautiful kids, don’t you think?

Seth: I think you lecherous idiots need to stop planning how you’re going to make moves onto my girl.

Vanna: She’s not my type, don’t worry?

Seth: [demanding] Why’s that? Giselle is everyone’s type. You’d have to be an idiot to not consider Giselle your type. [laughs] Wait, I forgot who I was talking to.

Vanna: Ha. I’m not interested in someone who thinks you’re good company.

Seth: You had no problem being around me when my [redacted] was i—

Cristal: OKAY! That’s it! We’ve reached the end of Vanna and Seth being civil towards each other. Let’s try again tomorrow.

[They fall silent for a moment. Seth scoffs]

Seth: I can’t believe it.

Cristal: What?

Seth: Sydney has already dragged her guy into the workroom.

Vanna: They’re probably just brainstorming. They’d be stupid to do much else.

Seth: Sydney is stupid. At least I can see the competition getting smaller already.

Cristal: Come on, her guy—Khalil, he’s not too bad. He’s got a good eye.

Seth: I’m not bothered. It’s Sydney.

[Camera focuses on the door of the breakroom as a knock sounds. Marissa pokes her head around the door, smiling shyly.]

Vanna: [sits up in her seat] Marissa! Hi.

Marissa: Hi, Vanna. I was just . . . [points towards the doors of the workroom] shouldn’t we start working?

Seth: [scoffs and mutters something under his breath before taking a sip of coffee]

Vanna: Um, what’s the rush?

Marissa: I just—I want to do well, you know.

Vanna: [turns to Cristal for help, focuses back on Marissa when she doesn’t receive any] It’s not a good idea to rush into committing to one idea so early on. We’ll start brainstorming tomorrow.

Marissa: Tomorrow?

Vanna: Yeah. I’ve got to catch up with some of my work.

Marissa: Oh. Okay then.

[Marissa leaves the workroom. Cut to Seth as he stares at Vanna.]

Seth: Now, she’s your type.

[Cut to Marissa interview]

Marissa: I’m really eager to start working immediately. Lex spent so much time talking about his age and how it puts him at an advantage, and now I’m really worried that I won’t be good enough to last here. I love fashion, and I want to create work which proves that. But, Vanna did win last year, so I’m going to have to trust her to steer me through this. Being here is so overwhelming.

[Camera slides to office space. Marissa is sat at a desk with Rainn and Jaiden, talking. Lex approaches.]

Jaiden: Yeah, my partner was more excited than I was when we found out I got through.

Marissa: How long have you been together?

Jaiden: It’s five years in two months.

Rainn: That’s great. It’s so important to find someone who supports you in your career.

Jaiden: [nodding] Definitely. I would’ve hated to have felt guilty about taking this opportunity. It’s once in a lifetime, y’know?

Marissa: God, now that I’m here, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Lex: Really? Fashion Week? Lunch with Veronica Kosovo? A sit down with Piper Williams? You’re so . . . green.

[Marissa, Rainn and Jaiden all share a look.]

Rainn: So where would you be if you weren’t here? Your great masterplan?

Lex: This is exactly where I’m supposed to be. And I’m old enough to appreciate it for what it is. All of you young people come in and out like bad trends.

Rainn: [clears her throat and sits up straight] Speaking of bad trends, what do you call those boot cuts? [Points down towards Lex’s feet, turning to Marissa and Jaiden] Next thing you know, he’ll be telling us knee high Timberlands are timeless pieces.

[Cut to Lex interview]

Lex: That Rainn is absolutely horrid. I could not imagine associating with someone so uncouth and uncultured. That bad attitude won’t see her getting anywhere fast, let me tell you.

[Camera cuts to Khalil and Sydney at a table in the workroom. Strategic product placement of Samsung products in the back]

Voiceover: As tensions continue to rise amongst contestants, Remington Ricci—we did discuss potentially calling him Remi or Rich or Remi Richington, but I don’t think he appreciated it. Anyway, head judge, Remington Ricci, is on the lookout for those getting their heads down early.

[Editors cut:

“That kid is adorable mate.” Lee pulls a face at the reply he’s given. “I’m telling you, man. I’m rooting for him!”]

Sydney: What about colour?

Khalil: I’d prefer understated.

Sydney: Are you sure?

Khalil: Yeah, Classic cuts, clean lines. I’m good at tailoring and I know body shapes. Shouldn’t we concentrate on finding a model before we commit to anything?

Sydney: What? Finding a model?

Khalil: Weren’t you listening? Remington Ricci said that we have to find our own models and they have to be different each week.

Sydney: [cheeks flaming read] Yeah—sorry. The people behind me, Seth and Cristal—they were talking the whole way through.

Khalil: Seth is the, uh . . . blonde one, right?

Sydney: [rolls eyes] If that’s what you want to say then sure.

Khalil: Is he nice? He kept giving me funny looks. I don’t want to not get on with anyone.

Sydney: He won’t like you because I’m your mentor, but not really missing out on anything. For everyone else: Vanna is . . . Vanna. [Continues at Khalil’s confused look] She doesn’t get bogged down with the whole clique thing here. She does her work, does it well, and that’s about it. Cristal’s great whenever she’s not with Seth. Kason is—adorable. Chana hates to upset people, so everyone kind of just walks all over her. Marie tries really hard to have a style unlike other people so she’s a mess. And Nico is, ah—well he’s Nico. He knows he’s attractive, so he goes between this state of being either the funniest or most annoying person you’ve ever met.

[Camera cuts to the streets of London in the morning. Focuses on a small coffee shop that Marissa and Vanna enter.]

Voiceover: It’s the second day of the competition, and last night, things ended on a sour note. Rainn and Kason had an altercation in the afternoon, and Lex and Christian seem to both be struggling with the concept of making friends. Reigning champion, Vanna, has taken Marissa out of the office for the morning.

[Montage of interior of cafe: seating area, the menu boards, people typing on laptops, the view out of the window, Marissa and Vanna ordering their drinks, long shot of them sitting at their table. Over the shoulder shot of Marissa, Vanna’s pink hair in the corner of the frame. Medium shot of two of them sitting and drinking.]

Vanna: What do you think so far?

Marissa: Everything is so different. I’m getting on really well with Jaiden and Giselle—they’re the closest to my age. Rainn seems really interesting but really intimidating. I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to the others.

Vanna: I’m not sure you’d want to, anyway. I haven’t heard anything nice about Lex or Christian.

Marissa: [shrugs] It seems fair to give them a chance, though.

[They spend a few moments enjoying their coffee]

Marissa: Have you always lived in London? I just moved here from Bradford.

Vanna: [eyebrows rising] You moved here for a competition?

Marissa: It’s not just a competition for me. It’s a great opportunity to get my foot through the door. What was it like for you once you won?

Vanna: Ah. I think I should save those stories when we’re closer to the final.

Marissa: When?

Vanna: Well, yeah. You’re not here to lose, are you?

[Zoom through London streets until at the RR building. Pauses with logo in centre of frame. Cut to Rainn and Kason arguing in office space.]

Kason: Why aren’t you listening to me, Rainn?

Rainn: Nothing you’re saying to me is worth listening to.

Kason: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to help you.

Rainn: Well, the funny thing is I don’t want or need your help.

Kason: Fine!

[Cut to Nico and Christian. Christian turns in his seat to face Nico.]

Christian: Nico, I’ve decided.

Nico: Hm?

Christian: [nodding] Yes. Cling film.

Nico: [hand over his mouth, holding his chin] Cling film?

Christian: Cling film.

[A few second of silence pass. Christian turns back to his computer, Nico continues to stare at him.]

Nico: Cling film?

Christin: Cling film.

Nico: [incredulous, turning back to his own computer screen] Right . . . cling film.

[Cut to the workroom. Khalil is measuring a model when Seth and Giselle enter.]

Seth: Honey, we’re home!

Sydney: Shut your [redacted] mouth.

Seth: Say that me again at a normal speaking voice—you [redacted] rat.

Giselle: [hissing] Seth! [She takes their fabrics to the table on the far right of the room.]

Sydney: Mate, I’ll spin your bloody jaw you muppet.

[Kason comes crashing into the room.]

Kason: Have any of you seen Rainn?

Giselle: Who’s Rainn?

Kason: The scowling one.

Giselle: Oh. She was having a smoke about half an hour ago.

Kason: Thanks. [Leaves the room.]

Khalil: Um . . . Sydney?

Sydney: [rushes over to Khalil’s side, argument forgotten] Yeah?

Seth: [walks over to Giselle and helps her organise the fabric] And that’s how it’s done.

Giselle: What? All you did was piss her off.

Seth: [rolling his eyes] That’s the point. She’ll stay over there now.

Giselle: Why do you hate her so much?

Seth: I hate everyone.

Giselle: Not the girl with the pink hair.

Seth: Vanna? Don’t make me laugh.

[Cut to Vanna and Marissa at the coffee shop. They’re looking at images on Vanna’s laptop.]

Marissa: What would you do?

Vanna: Well. [clears throat] I reckon that everyone else will be trying to recreate old runway trends. So . . . don’t do that?

Marissa: Oh. Wow. I— [holds hand up to brow] —that’s so revolutionary. Best advice I’ve ever received.

Vanna: Stop being stupid.

Marissa: I’m sorry—Giver of Information. Helper of the World. Mother of Advice.

Vanna: [laughing] Oh my god! As I was saying—if it’s already been on a runway then don’t do it.

Marissa: So . . . street style?

Vanna: Why not? I know a guy who runs a street style blog—I’m sure he’ll meet us for lunch.

Marissa: [deflates in seat] That’ll be tomorrow, right?

Vanna: Ye—It’s not a bad thing, Marissa.

Marissa: I know, I know. It’s—just . . . it’s slower than I expected.

Vanna: You can come back to the offices if you want. There’ll be something there to see.

[Camera cuts to the breakroom at RR. Marcel, Cristal and Marie are sat around the table. Christian is pouring himself a cup of coffee. Jaiden and Giselle are talking just in view of the window.]

Marie: So Cristal’s a good mentor, right?

Marcel: I—

Cristal: He can’t answer with me here, can he?

Marie: It’s just a question, Cristal. At least the two of you get along.

Marcel: Jaiden’s nice.

Marie: [waving a hand] Oh, yeah—sure. I’m not talking about Jaiden.

Cristal: Who? Rainn and Kason?

Marie: No, the old guy. Y’know the one.

Cristal: There’s two that look really old.

Marcel: I think she means the one who was wearing the bootcuts yesterday.

Cristal: Oh. Lex.

Christian: [turning and taking a step towards the table, standing between Cristal and Marie] Ugh, Lex—am I right?

[Marcel, Cristal and Marie all share a look. Christian sips his coffee.]

[Editors cut:

“This guy, man,” Lee laughs, “reckon he’ll barely survive two weeks.”]

Marcel: Uh—well—

Christian: He’s just so obnoxious. And not in the good way—you know. You can tell he’s cultured, but he’s so . . . weird about it.

Marie: You’ve spoken to him then, have you?”

[Cut to Marcel interview]

Marcel: Christian seems really, ah—strange. I’m talking to Marie and Cristal in the break room and he just appears to talk [redacted] about Lex. It’s day two, it’s a bit early to have bad blood, you know?

[Cut back to action]

Christian: Yeah. He just wouldn’t leave me alone at the hotel. I think he thinks we’re in the same boat or something.

[Cut to Marcel interview]

Marcel: The only reason Christian is even talking about Lex is because he knows that no one wants to talk to him, either.

[Cut to Cristal pulling a face. Camera steadies back on the four of them]

Marie: Well . . . it’s a bit early to judge someone. Maybe your opinion will change.

Christian: Yeah, maybe.

[Further time spent in silence. Camera cuts to Giselle interview.]

Giselle: I finally get a chance to talk to some of the other competitors without Seth breathing down my neck, on day two. He’s so focused on me doing well, but I know it isn’t for me, you know what I mean? It’s like—he wants to do well just so he can prove a point. Khalil pisses himself every time Seth looks in his direction, which is a shame because Khalil is one of the most interesting people here.

[Cut to workroom. Giselle, Khalil, Jaiden and Marissa are gathered around a table, talking.]

Khalil: This will be the longest I’m not in Leeds.

Giselle: So do you go to uni in Leeds?

Khalil: I don’t go to uni, actually. I look after my mum.

Jaiden: Has she got like . . . Alzheimer’s or something?

Khalil: Oh no—it’s just like—a muscle thing where it’s painful for her to move sometimes. So I just help out around the house and stuff.

Marissa: That sounds like a big responsibility, though.

Khalil: I don’t really . . . look at is as one. It’s—like, she’s my mum, and this is how I can look after her.

[Cut to Giselle interview]

Giselle: Khalil is so adorable.

[Cut back to action]

Marissa: Still, that’s really good of you to do. I know some people wouldn’t bother at all.

Jaiden: [snorts] Yeah, like Lex or Christian?

Marissa: Well, I didn’t say it.

Khalil: [voice lowering as Rainn storms into the workroom] Christian came to my hotel room last night.

Giselle: He’s so weird. What did he want?

Khalil: Just to talk about the competition. He kept going on about how he’s got an amazing idea but when I spoke to Nico this morning, he said so far he’s come up with cling film.

Marissa: Cling film?

Khalil: Yeah. [nods] Like the stuff you use for sandwiches if you’ve run out of foil.

Jaiden: Imagine.

Rainn, from across the room: TRAGIC.

[Vanna, Seth and Kason are in the work offices]

Seth: [swivels computer chair to face Vanna and Kason] How are your pets?

Kason: [scratching at beard] A [redacted] mess, mate.

Vanna: Yeah, I heard about that. She’s something, huh?

Kason: Something? She’s a bloody nightmare. Thinks she knows it all.

Seth: Reckon she’ll last till week four on Winona liking her alone.

Kason: God, I hope not. I’ve got projects I’m working on outside of this.

Vanna: What about you? How’s Giselle?

Seth: Giselle’s great. Mostly independent so I barely do anything—

Vanna: Nice. Marissa wants me to hold her hand.

Kason: Not like you’re complaining though. Never seen anyone more your type.

Vanna: Actually— [stammers] I refuse to be part of this narrative!

[Seth and Kason laugh laugh loudly.]

Voiceover: It’s the third day of the first week, and alliances have already been formed. With Lex kicked to the side-line, it falls on his mentor, Chana, to bear the brunt of his personality. Rainn and Kason are still managing to avoid each other—funny, that, when they’re literally only allowed in three rooms in the whole building. Anyways, Judge, Bobbi Amos, is in the office today—and on the lookout for rising stars.

[Cut to Sydney and Khalil who are entering the workroom.]

Khalil: Could we have gotten her any earlier?

Sydney: Sorry. It’s just to be here before Seth bags the best table.

Khalil: The best table?

Sydney: Yeah—haven’t you noticed? It’s the one on the left, best lighting and next to the sewing machines.

Khalil: Oh.

[Cut to the break room. Vanna is preparing herself a bagel when Bobbi Amos enters.]

Bobbi: Oh, good. Just the person I wanted to see.

Vanna: [visibly deflating] Morning, Bobbi.

Bobbi: You know it’s never too late to come work for me, don’t you—darling? We’d never have you doing something as gauche as reality TV.

Vanna: But you’re here . . . on reality TV.

Bobbi: Yes, but . . . [piercing laugh] Who am I kidding? It’s a great opportunity. It’s interesting, though.

Vanna: What is?

Bobbi: That every other pairing has begun their work and yet . . . you and your pick haven’t so much as done a mind map. Is there something I should be worried about?

Vanna: Everything’s fine, Bobbi. We’re just getting our bearings.

Bobbi: Well then. [piercing laugh] That’s great!

[Cut to Marissa interview]

Marissa: It finally feels like the competition is starting when we meet the guy who runs the blog. It’s nice to meet people outside of the process, too . . . as well as—you know, spend time with Vanna.

[Camera cut to workroom, where a black male with a platinum blonde buzzcut loads up his laptop. Vanna and Marissa sit on either side of him. Christian, Nico, Jaiden, Marie and Lex are also on their tables.]

Vanna: This is Marissa, Lucian. The girl I was telling you about.

Lucian: Right—well, street style doesn’t work on seasons and it’s trends kinda fluctuate.

Marissa: What do you think will look best on a runway?

Lucian: Well, I made a list of things I think can transfer really well. I think it’s just having the confidence to get some bold pieces and put them together. And a model who can do them justice.

Vanna: Do you know any models? Trin’s taking a hiatus, and I usually always go to her for contacts.

Lucian: Yeah, I know this one guy. One minute, I’ll write down his number for you . . . I think he’ll be perfect.

Marissa: Thanks.

[Later, in the workroom]

Christian: Wait, you’re doing denim? I wouldn’t call that high fashion.

Jaiden: [pinning fabric to a mannequin, rolling eyes] But aren’t you working with cling film? Wouldn’t call something you can get out of the kitchen high fashion, either.

Vanna: [talking quietly to Marissa as they prepare the cuts of denim] Just ignore them. Jaiden hasn’t even hemmed his dress yet.

Marissa: [snickering]

Christian: [loudly] I will prevail! As I always do.

Marissa: It gets hectic in here, doesn’t it?

Vanna: It’s gonna get worse as we go on.

[Cut to Chana interview]

Chana: Lex is being a complete arsehole. I’m sick of dealing with him and all of his stupid demands. I’ve barely had a chance to enjoy a cuppa before he starts talking again, let alone talk to anyone else in this [redacted].

[Cut to Vanna, Marissa, Seth, Giselle, Khalil, Sydney and Christian in workroom]

Seth: [loudly] Okay, so—who’s getting cut week one?

Vanna: Jaiden?

Sydney: Lex.

Christian: Sorry, hun, but Marissa.

[Cut to Marissa interview]

Marissa: It really confuses me when Christian says I’ll be the first one to be cut from the competition. He’s working with cling film and no one even likes him.

[Cut back to action]

Seth: [nodding] At least that’s honest.

[Lex enters the workroom holding a glue gun]

Seth: Are you [redacted] me? Is that a glue gun?

Lex: And what if it is?

Seth: You can’t come in here all big [redacted] on about your age giving you an advantage, then be too lazy to sit at a [redacted] sewing machine. Put that glue gun in the bin.

[Editors cut:

“Well, at least someone is saying it, right?” Lee laughs. Remington Ricci’s arms remain crossed over his chest. [Voice lowering] “Alright then.”]

Vanna: Stop being mean, Seth.

Seth: I’m just saying. Poncy [redacted].

Lex: For your information, Seth, the advanced technique that I’m currently doing requires a glue gun.

Seth: What advanced technique? Mate, you don’t have to give it the big’un. Shouldn’t your keeper be giving you useful advice?

[Cut to main office space. Lex storms up to Chana who is sat at her desk.]

Lex: I hate them all.

Chana: What?

Lex: Those—people. I hate them.

[Cut to Chana interview]

Chana: Lex has a flair for the dramatics. I think he expected everyone to fall over their feet to be nice to him, but he should have known there’d be someone like Seth here.

[Cut back to action]

Chana: Let me guess . . . Seth.

Lex: I don’t like him.

Chana: He’s winding everyone up on purpose, Lex. First it was Sydney, yesterday it was Kason, and today it’s you.

Lex: Those other two aren’t competitors, though. They can go to HR and file a complaint, I have to suffer.

Chana: You can focus on doing good enough this week for him to leave you alone in the future. His whole strategy is unnerving everyone enough for Giselle to do well in comparison.

Lex: It won’t work.

Chana: It’s working with you.

Lex: I— [lips pinch together] Be quiet.

[Cut to workroom. Marissa watches as Giselle gathers gold material on a mannequin. Judge, Bobbi Amos approaches]

Bobbi: AH! Fresh blood!

Giselle: Hi, Bobbi.

Bobbi: Lovely to see you again, Giselle. Even better without that . . . blonde one.

Giselle: You can say his name, he’s not Voldemort.

Bobbi: [adjusting his suit jacket] Yes, well, I’d rather not—if that’s alright with you.

Giselle: [laughing around pins in her mouth] It’s fine.

Bobbi: [turning to Marissa] Now, you—you’re the one to watch.

Marissa: Am I?

Bobbi: Vanna chose you, didn’t she? That girl has got a fine eye for fashion.

Marissa: [blushing] I’m not sure. It could have been a purely accidental decision.

Bobbi: No! I won’t hear of it. You’re going places, Marissa—I know it. [walks away]

Marissa: That was weird, right?

Giselle: [holding up more gold fabric] Oh, yeah. Definitely.

[Vanna, Sydney and Nico are in the breakroom.]

Nico: What’s this I’m hearing about models?

Sydney: They’ve got to find their own. Khalil told me on the first day.

Nico: That’s so mad. You didn’t have to do that last year, did you, Vanna?

Vanna: No. They were provided for us—

Sydney: It’s more [redacted] that Remington is piling on for the TV.

Vanna: It’s not all bad, though. It’s a good opportunity for up and coming people.

Sydney: Yeah, I get that. But Khalil isn’t from London, so I’ll have to do the scouting.

Nico: My flatmate is doing it this weke.

Vanna: I’ve got our model coming in tomorrow for first fitting.

Sydney: Please don’t remind me how much there is to do.

Vanna: Not half as bad as having to go fabric shopping tonight.

Nico: Isn’t there enough in storage? It’s the only thing the budget actually goes to.

Vanna: Nothing for what Marissa had in mind.

[Camera cuts to streets of London as people finish work. Cut to front of a fabric store. Vanna and Marissa walk in. An old Indian lady sits at the till, the bell rings above the door.]

Marissa: So this is . . . South London.

Vanna: Slowly and surely expanding your horizons.

Marissa: God, I just—love it here, you know?

Vanna: It can be intoxicating at first.

Marissa: [breathy] Yeah. [Runs hand along the rolls of fabric] Vanna?

Vanna: Hm?

Marissa: Do you think we left the workroom too early?

Vanna: The showcase is on Friday. We’re good for time, if that’s what you’re worried about.

Marissa: No, it’s not that. I don’t think. I—I think it’s because I’m seeing how much work other people are doing. Khalil has barely stepped out for air, and Marcel is so dedicated.

Vanna: That doesn’t mean you’re any less deserving of being here.

Marissa: I know—but what if I don’t get through and I wasted it all?

Vanna: You’ll get through this week, and the next, and then it’ll get to a point where you wonder what else you could have been doing. Like—look at it this way, you met Lucian—he runs a blog and he has contacts and you’ve made a contact. This competition can only take you so far if you aren’t willing to take advantage of it.

[Cut to the breakroom. Rainn is pouring herself a cup of coffee when Kason enters.]

Rainn: Oh my god. Are you following me?

Kason: There’s literally only three rooms you’re allowed in in this whole building.

Rainn: [blinking] So? I already told you I don’t want to talk about it.

Kason: So you’re acknowledging there’s something to talk about?

[Kason crowds Rainn against the counter]

Rainn: We can talk about the competition. Or the weather. Or even the fact there is nothing else for us to waste time talking about.

Kason: Rainn—come on.

[Cut to Kason interview]

Kason: I don’t know if what Rainn and I have is history, but it’s—kinda something. I don’t really wanna, um [rubs back of neck] talk about anything on the record before I’ve gotten the chance to talk to her.

[Cut back to action]

Rainn: Kason—no. Haven’t you got work to do?

[Cristal enters the breakroom. Kason and Rainn spring apart.]

Cristal: Am I interrupting something?

Kason: [shaking head and walking towards the door] No, nothing at all. Everything’s fine.

[Rainn looks at Cristal as Kason exits.]

[Camera transitions to Vanna and Marissa at the fabric store. Marissa is pulling out rolls of material as Vanna answers messages on her phone.]

Marissa: [turning to Vanna] What was it like for you?

Vanna: [looking up from phone] Hm?

Marissa: Your time in the competition.

Vanna: Oh. Well. The first week wasn’t as open. It was using things from Piper William’s collection.

Marissa: Piper Williams? Did you meet her? What was she like? I heard that she’s really scary in person.

Vanna: Well, she’s a socialite, y’know. She came across a bit cold, but she is a Veronica Girl, and being around Remington can do that to anyone. [Seeing Marissa’s shoulders slump, she continues] But—she gave me some great advice. You can tell she’s really ambitious.

Marissa: Meeting her would be such an honour. Can you believe she’s only twenty two and achieved so much?

Vanna: [smiling thinly] Yeah—great.

Voiceover: With models found, contestants start Thursday morning off with first fittings.

[Camera cut to to the workroom. Khalil’s model stands with legs spread as he measures their in-seam. Sydney sits on the work bench, filing her nails.]

Sydney: We’re going out for drinks tomorrow night.

Khalil: Yeah? [Nudges model to turn around] Who’s not being invited?

Sydney: [huffs out a laugh] The obvious. Cristal’s arranging it.

Khalil: Sound.

[Marissa enters the workroom with their model, a tall slim black male. Sydney perks up impressed.]

Sydney: [lowly] Bloody hell—he’s gorgeous.

Khalil: Who? [Turns head to see where Sydney is looking. Goes back to taking measurements.] His name is Otis.

Sydney: How do you know? I thought you didn’t know anyone in London.

Khalil: [laughs]: That’s not what I said. I said London’s a big place, finding anyone I know here would be difficult

Sydney: How’d you know him?

Khalil: Oh—you know. Social media.

[Cut to Marissa and Otis who are talking at her bench. Marissa has spread out pictures of her work on the table.]

Otis: Your work is really good.

Marissa: Yeah? You’re not just saying that, are you? Vanna—my mentor, she hasn’t even mentioned my work. I don’t think she’s even looked at it properly. Not that I’m slagging her off, or anything, but it’s something I’ve noticed.

Otis: Marissa—it’s good. You’re talented.

Marissa: [exhales] Thanks. It’s just that the people in London seem to be of a different breed.

[Vanna and Marie are in the offices]

Marie: Remington’s in today.

Vanna: Why?

Marie: Well, it is his label.

Vanna: No—I know that. He’s just so . . . observant.

Remington: Yes, it does pay to take notice of things.

Vanna: [rolls eyes] No one’s arguing otherwise, Mr Ricci.

Remington: [baring teeth] You’re not struggling with the competition are you, Vanna? I’ve heard some rumours.

Vanna: Everything’s fine.

Remington: Great. I’d hate to see you crash and burn. Forward on your models details by the end of the day, please—Winona was particularly interested.

[Cut to everyone in the workroom. Marissa, Vanna and Otis are going through some details for the showcase.]

Vanna: So you’ll do it?

Otis: [shrugs] Yeah, sure. I’ll just go practice [waves arm out to the left] over there or something.

Nico: I didn’t realise this was drag race, Vanna.

[Otis beings walking the length of the room in heels.]

Giselle: [eyeing up Otis as he walks past] I think it’s very fashion forward.

Seth: Stop trying to distract us from doing something that will be better than your denim.

Christian: Denim is a bad idea, isn’t it? Glad I’m not the only one.

Seth: [turning to scowl at Christian] But aren’t you working with cling film? You’re in no position to talk.

[Sydney and Khalil enter the workroom, arms laden with bags of fast food. Christian sulks as he turns back to his mannequin.]

Sydney: [talking loudly for all to hear] We got food!

[Cut to Marissa interview]

Marissa: The closer we get to the showcase, the more I worry.

Interviewer: What are you worrying about?

Marissa: That I’m not—good enough or something. Which is stupid because I got here and this is the time for me to prove myself but I keep second guessing myself.

Lee: [steps out towards the camera, ducking beneath a soft box light] Okay, Marissa—you’re going to have to calm down for me, okay? Can you do that? Take a deep breath.

Marissa: [hyperventilating] Oh, God!

Producer: [calling from the back] What do we do now?

[Vanna is talking with Otis in the hallway. An intern comes rushing towards them]

Vanna: She—what? [Redacted]

Otis: Is everything going to be okay?

[The intern mutters something before scurrying away. Vanna looks into the camera and rolls her eyes]

[Cut to Khalil interview]

Khalil: So we just heard that Marissa collapsed. I’m really worried for her.

[Cut to Vanna interview]

Vanna: [visibly shaken] God. Can you just—give me a minute, please?

Voiceover: Yesterday afternoon was a real hit for everyone. The showcase is today, but the question is will there be anything to present?

[Cut to the workroom. Rainn and Kason are bickering]

Rainn: What part of leave me alone don’t you understand?

Kason: All of it.

Rainn: [sighs] Hem that skirt and stay out of my way then.

[A few moments pass in silence. Giselle and Jaiden arrive at the same time. Seth enters with a cup of tea.]

Kason: Did you hear what happened yesterday?

Rainn: [grunts]

Kason: Scary, right?

Rainn: Oh my god. [slams hand down on the table] Shut up.

[Cut to Marissa and Cristal talking in the breakroom.]

Cristal: You sure you’re alright, hun?

Marissa: [scratching nail polish off of her nails] I’m fine. Yesterday just got a little overwhelming, that’s all.

Cristal: Have you spoken to Vanna?

[Marissa’s eyes drop to the floor]

Marissa: We got here at the same time and I kinda . . . brushed her off.

Cristal: Oh.

Marissa: I mean—I wasn’t trying to be malicious or anything. She just kept asking questions and it was al—

[Seth, walking by, pauses to listen in]

Seth: You’re talking about Vanna? She’s in the office.

Marissa: Is she mad at me?

[Seth crosses his arms]

Seth: Why should she be? [narrows eyes] What did you do?

[Cut to Seth interview]

Seth: I know sometimes I’m harsh on Vanna because we have a history, but I do care about her.

Lee: [from behind a camera, talking to a producer] I’m getting sick of this romance [redacted]. This is week one, people!

Seth: [glaring at Lee] You told me to say how I feel about the situation. Like it or lump it, mate.

Lee: [sighing heavily] Fine. If you must.

Seth: [focusing back on camera] Yeah, so. I just . . . don’t want to see her get hurt.

[Camera focuses back on Marissa and Seth facing off. Cristal takes a step back.]

Marissa: I didn’t do anything.

Seth: Are you sure about that? If I find out you’ve upset her th—

Marissa: You’ll what? I already spoke to her about you—you’re not even together.

Seth: [drawing back his shoulders] So? I’d really hate to make your time here uncomfortable, Marissa.

Cristal: Okay. [Holds hands up between them] That’s enough of that. The showcase is in three hours—there’s other things to focus on.

[Cut to Marissa interview]

Interviewer: Are you feeling better now?

[Editors cut:

Lee pulls a face at the raw footage playing back, “Honestly, truly—I don’t know when this moved from a game show into a [redacted] Love Island spin off. I’m not here for emotions, people! I’m here for the drama. [Producer steps up to play another clip between Kason and Rainn.] “Now that’s what I’m talking about.”]

Marissa: I’m ready to focus now. I’m here to work hard and prove that just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean I’m an amateur.

[Cut to Chana and Lex interview]

Chana: So today is the day of the showcase. Are you excited, Lex?

Interiewer: Um, that’s my line.

Lex: Am I supposed to be? [sneers] I’m not a child, Chana.

Chana: I know exactly how old you are, Lex. You don’t let me forget it.

Lex: Okay—so that’s my fault now? If you hadn’t rolled over our makeup girl wouldn’t have cancelled.

Chana: You wanted her to work for free.

Lex: Being on this show is payment enough.

[Scene reopens on workroom. Sydney rushes over to talk to Nico.]

Sydney: Did you hear?

Nico: Hear what?

Sydney: [slows down and leans back, looking contemplative] Oh. Well—if you haven’t already heard.

Nico: [visibly irritated] Hear what, Syd?

Sydney: [taking steps back with a grin on her face] Y’know what? Doesn’t matter.

[Nico scowls as Sydney retreats, laughing maniacally.]

[Cut to Christian entering the workroom with two boxes of cling film. Giselle pauses, taps Seth’s shoulder and points to him.]

Seth: [sharing a look with Giselle, talking quietly] Wow, he’s really going to do it.

Giselle: [struggling to contain a smile] I know.

[Camera focuses on Giselle and Seth interview. They’re both giddy in their seats.]

Interviewer: Are you ready for the showcase today?

Seth: We’re ready for Giselle to be named Star Stitcher. I mean honestly.

Giselle: I don’t know about being the best, but I’m definitely not in the bottom.

Interviewer: And who will be?

Seth: [counting on his fingers] Christian is working with cling film. Lex’s makeup girl has cancelled—and everyone knows Remington likes the ambience. Jaiden’s dress is still unhemmed.

Giselle: Our only real competition is Khalil.

[Cut to Khalil interview]

Khalil: [scratching his chin, looking mildly impressed] Huh. I’m the competition? Crazy.

[Scene reopens on the workroom, where all eight competitors are working hard. Remington Ricci enters. Competitors stop what they’re doing to stand gathered in front of him]

Remington: Your mentors won’t be returning. The showcase is in one hour, and I want to see what you’re all capable of. I’m hoping for works of art, and whoever impresses me the most will win an advantage for next week.

[Cuts to mentors all gathered in another room. A one sided mirror looks into the workroom. All eight sit around a coffee table loaded with drinks—poorly concealed product placement—discussing the events of the past week.]

Marie: Who do we thinks going home?

Chana: [groaning and leaning back in her seat] If Winona is in a bad mood, then Lex.

Nico: If Bobbi’s in a bad mood, then Christian.

Seth: No faith in your pets?

Nico: I have faith that they’ll open their mouths and piss someone off.

[Vanna and Kason are both noticeably silent. Cristal nudges Vanna with her shoulder]

Cristal: Our lovebirds are upset.

Vanna and Kason: Not lovebirds.

[Cut to Marie interview]

Marie: Anyone with eyes can tell that there’s something going on with Vanna and Marissa; and Kason and Rainn. At least my one’s gay.

[Cut back to action]

Seth: [sniffing in disdain] How unprofessional.

[Old footage begins playing. Seth has found Vanna in the breakroom:

Seth: I saw Marissa.

Vanna: [briefly looking up from her cup of coffee] Yeah? She bite your head off?

Seth: I think she’s saving the star treatment for you, actually? [A moment of silence, Seth sits down next to her] You okay?

Vanna: I will be.]

Sydney: [trying to change the topic of conversation] Okay, but the most important question is how you let that unhemmed dress go, Marie.

Cristal: Oh, god. It’s awful.

Marie: [struggling to talk between laughing] I know him outside of this process. He’s a [redacted]. That partner he says he’s been with for five years? Fake.

Sydney: [gasps] No.

Marie: Yeah. He [redacted] over one of my mates, too.

Nico: How’d you get him to go along with it?

Marie: I just said that Remington likes a rough look sometimes.

Cristal: Remington’s going to eat him alive.

Marie: [grinning] I know.

[Camera cut to the workroom. Khalil and Giselle are working next to each other.]

Khalil: You coming for drinks later?

Giselle: Um, actually . . . I have a date tonight.

Khalil: Yeah? With who?

Giselle: Kason.

Khalil: Dreads guy?

[Rainn, who had been walking past, stops abruptly. She turns to Giselle]

Rainn: Kason? You’re going on a date with Kason?

Giselle: I . . . yeah. Is that a problem?

Rainn: [talking quickly] No. [blows a raspberry] Of course not. Why would it be? What do I care? [Quickly walks back to her own workspace]

Khalil: [watching Rainn go] That’s weird.

Giselle: Right?

[Cut back to mentors in the hidden room]

Cristal: Is everyone calm again now?

[Old footage plays. Mentors listen in on Giselle revealing who she’s going on a date with:

Seth: [lunging out of his seat and diving for Kason. Nico jumps up to hold him back] What the [redacted], Kason? Giselle is off limits! She’s here to win—she’s worked too [redacted] hard to get here for you to use to her to get that [redacted] jealous. Listen here you piece of [redacted]—if you even think about hurting her, I’ll kill you.

Kason: [blinking back and taking a sip of his drink] Wow. Mate. Chill out.]

[Seth huffs in his seat and crosses his arms. Everyone goes to ignoring him and continuing the conversation.]

Vanna: Rainn could win.

Marie: [frowning in confusion] You think? Her attitude sucks.

Vanna: Yeah, but you know who’d love her?

Chana: Who?

Vanna: Piper Williams. She’s all about that entitled pumped up princess thing, y’know.

[They all spend a few second thinking it over before nodding and murmuring in agreement. Seth continues to sulk.]

Nico: Marcel’s work is just—really sleek. He’s a grafter.

Seth: [sullenly] Khalil has a good eye for colour.

Kason: Marissa’s interesting, too. I mean—her stuffs irregular but it just works.

[Camera cuts to the dimmed lighting of the showcase. White lights begin to flash. Cut to mentors and competitors sitting either side of the runway. Other employees sit in rows behind. Judges, Winona, Uma and Bobbi are already sat at the judges table at the end of the runway. Remington Ricci appears and takes a seat. Lights dim further, a spotlight appearing above the RR logo at the back of the runway.]

Vanna: [sat between Seth and Kason] I’m nervous for her.

Seth: [squeezing Vanna’s knee] She’ll be fine.

[The showcase begins. Giselle and Marcel’s models walk with little fanfare. Lex’s model walks next. Judge’s comments play as a voiceover]

Bobbi: I’m not sure if it reads as headliner. Maybe a small ad in the corner.

Winona: Lex can push so much harder and do bolder things. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed.

[Khalil’s model enters]

Remington: This is exactly what I’d been hoping for. This is a headliner.

[Camera briefly cuts to Sydney preening. Marie rolls her eyes]

Bobbi: This one definitely knows their colours.

Winona: I love that it’s not just a garment, but a look.

Uma: It just works so beautifully. Khalil knows how to tailor.

[Christian’s model enters]

Bobbi: Is that . . . cling film?

Winona: It’s new, but it falls flat.

Remington: It’s great experimentation, but pink skin in cling film? Yikes.

Uma: I think it’s fashion forward. It would become a headliner—maybe not for the right reasons.

[Jaiden’s model enters]

Winona: Marie let this pass? It’s a sketch that belongs in the bin.

Uma: I understand the concept but the execution fell short.

Remington: [at a loss for words] It’s . . . not hemmed!

Bobbi: I would consider this an accurate representation of the inside of a cervix.

[Marissa’s model enters]

Uma: It’s cute. She made mom jeans work on a male model.

Winona: Only because this model is gorgeous. It does perform well, though.

Remington: Jeans and a coat? I want more.

[Rainn’s model enters]

Remington: Now, Rainn and Kason had a few difficulties working today.

Winona: Which explains why we’re looking at this mess. Tailoring should not look this bad.

Uma: It’s so important to understand silhouettes.

[Camera cuts to Kason who huffs in his seat. The lights flash as the showcase ends]

[Scene reopens on all eight competitors stood at the end of the runway, facing the judges. Remington stands in front of the table, the other judges sat behind. The mentors stand to the left.]

Remington: I asked you all to create a fashion headliner. Something you all thought would start trends and get people talking—something to be in the September issue. And . . . for some of you [camera cuts to faces of Khalil, Christian and Giselle] you did that, whilst others [camera focusing on Jaiden and Rainn] you crashed and burned. Our winner of this week won by a landslide, there is no comparison, and I hope this remind all of you that age and experience mean nothing if it can’t be translated onto the runway. Khalil, you’re the winner of this weeks challenge.

[Khalil steps forward to applause. Giselle pats his shoulder as congratulations]

Remington: Your advantage for next week will be an intimate sit down with Veronica Kosovo [gasps erupt], I hope you use your time wisely. You can return to the workroom.

[Camera cut to the remaining seven in line. Remington stands up taller.]

Remington: When I call your name, I’d like you to return to the workroom. Giselle. Marcel. Christian. Marissa. You’re all safe—but that does not mean I tolerate mediocrity or doing only enough to skate by. Step it up.

[The selected five return to the workroom, their mentors tailing them. Rainn, Lex and Jaiden remain standing. The light intensifies.]

Remington: I was expecting bigger things from all three of you. Rainn—you boast this breadth of knowledge, this passion for being this in industry in spite of the sacrifices you’ve had to make. But all I saw tonight was a weeks worth of bickering that you let best you. I don’t care if you don’t get on with Kason—he’s here to help you if you let him.

Winona: Honey, that jumpsuit was a mess from start to finish. Jumpsuits died—what made you think you could revive them?

Bobbi: I saw you working on a skirt earlier this week. What happened to that?

Rainn: I . . . my temper got the best of me and I scrapped the idea.

Uma: I’m sure if you’d gone with it you wouldn’t be standing here right now.

Remington: Lex—our thirty-something who won’t let anyone forget about it. Your age doesn’t entitle you to be here, no one owes you anything for waiting around for opportunities to find you. If you really knew anything about this industry at all, you’d know it’s about going out and finding the opportunities So, you finally get here, and you do what? Complain and give us a lacklustre ensemble. I expected better. I’ve seen you do better.

Lex: It’s just very overwhelming being here. I can do better, and I’ll show it to you next week.

Remington: That’s not good enough. Don’t be bitter, Lex—do better.

Lex: I understand.

Remington: Jaiden—I was expecting something different than what you presented today. Your work is usually a lot cleaner—a lot better than unhemmed skirts and poorly fitted tops. Was the pressure too much?

Jaiden: [spreading hands out in front of him] I have no excuse, Mr Ricci. I didn’t go with my gut and it cost me.

Remington: It did. I can’t have sloppy amateurish work attached to my brand name, Jaiden. A car crash is what we called it. And for that reason, I’m going to have to send you home. I wish you the best of the luck in the future, but for now, you’ve been Stitched Up.

[Cuts to clips of next week’s show, voiceover continues]

Voiceover: As the competition heats up, so do the tensions between competitors.

[Everyone going out for drinks at the pub. Lex sitting alone in his hotel room. Cut to Rainn and Giselle bickering about Kason. Cut to Christian throwing a chair across the workroom.]

Voiceover: With harder challenges, come harder choices to be made.

[Marcel deleting an email from Khalil’s inbox about major changes to the specification of the challenge. Sydney and Nico high fiving. Voice of someone saying, “Sabotage her.”]


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