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October Updates

Hello, hello, hello. Looks like I made it out of September alive and in once piece. Considering this blog now has one new post you can read here, the idea of this place existing is really overwhelming me. Writing is supposed to be fun, you know, or at least, it was for me approximately twenty seven years ago. But anyways, what’s been happening with me, where have I been, why am I here now, roll updates:

  1. Twitter account was locked at 11:30pm on 9th August, the birthing of this blog.

  2. Regained access at 5:32pm on 30th September, the potential rebirth of me feeling connected to the big wide world.

  3. The new post (mentioned twice now) and can be read here, is the start of a thing I’ve been thinking about since the Tragic Laptop Loss of 2017. And by thinking, I genuinely do mean thinking and a few pages on google docs that consist of things like: “Y’know what’s funny? Even when I saw that her neck was snapped, I thought–wow, there’s June, still managing to be better than me.” and Is it jealousy? Is it resignation? so you know, it’s a real mixed bag.

  4. I’m still waiting for the line to hit me. Like the line, my opening line. I like to start it off with something strong, something definitive. A concrete, non negotiable fact about the characters to set the scene. And with this, it’s escaping me.

  5. Work is work in every way that it could be work.

  6. Now standing with a nice 2k words for Byron’s story.

  7. As someone who hasn’t written anything since completing Y a year and a half ago, I’m really struggling to get into the swing of things. The voice I once thought I had nailed down is somewhere whispering in the background hiding from me. This is very much a work in progress.

  8. I mean, look, it’s October, it feels only right I try to do something for Halloween.

  9. I know what I should do for Halloween, but everytime I pressure myself to write things for seasonal events I flop miserably. But if I pulled it off, I’d be impressed with myself.

  10. Continuing to try with this writing thing long enough for it to start feeling somewhat natural again–sounds fake but ok. Also, having to design banners is big yikes get me that 512×800 format again.

  11. How are we feeling about how ‘this–this’ looks? The en-dash? Does it have the drama? The feeling? The flow? I feel like it looks too short

  12. If anyone knows Graham’s surname then please let me know. I skimmed through the whole of Y and I can’t find the one (1) time I mentioned it when Kasia was arguing with him. Like yeah, I could change it, but continuity is a thing

  13. See you in November or even sooner depending on how life works out.

New posts: Jump Off Point – Prologue: The O’Donnell’s

Keya X

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