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November Updates

Hello, hi, I hope everyone had an appropriately spooky October. Let’s roll the updates:

  1. So I was talking to my friend recently about my mental health over arguably the last two years of my life. And I’m assuming most of you know already that I’m pretty open about when I’m at rock bottom, I mean really, Tragic Laptop Loss of 2017 was a trying time for everyone involved. It was funny because I realise that you know most people have like highs and lows and the highs are like?? pretty constant, right, and they exist in the upper half of this imaginary graph.

  2. Yeah, no.

  3. My highs would be their lows, so I’ve been existing in this state of like not really having Good Times, they’re just times that Aren’t Awful. I’m trying to be proactive in my own happiness, you know, I’m going to be 20 next month and honestly, this really can’t be it until I die. So, I’m trying out this thing where I try to change my perspective when it comes to things that I’d complain about or weren’t bringing me any happiness and actually do something about it.

  4. Long story short: I’ve handed my notice in and we’ll see where we go from there.

  5. I had a really hectic October, so writing took a bit of a back seat, but I got a start to Me & Your Ghost and Jump Off Point that I don’t think is completely awful.

  6. NaNoWriMo time has arrived boys. Good luck to everyone participating. I was considering it, like I do every year, but ultimately decided that I’d rather not. I’m setting myself a somewhat more achievable goal of 10,000 words this month, in whatever form they come in.

  7. My sims game is still full of drama, very enjoyable. But, it glitched the fuck out and none of the teenagers other than Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis aged up. I’m currently playing through with the Fyres’ family, at this moment in time, Morgan lives in San Myshuno with Cassandra Goth; and Siobhan lives in Brindleton Bay with Akira Kibo.

  8. I also (!) found a way to have my longer dash work.

  9. I’ve been writing some dialogue lately, and I mean I guess it’s happening. It used to be my favourite part of writing, but I don’t know.

  10. Still awaiting the uncovering of Graham’s surname, may have to do a JKR.

  11. Also, fuck JKR (we love consistency).

  12. I also added a feature to the sidebar where you can follow to get updates when there’s new content. The only thing required is an email address!

  13. See you in December, hopefully I finally get some new content on here before then, yikes!

New posts: Slow Motion – Dean: Drive Away

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