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Music, Merch, Mayhem | Week 2 Nano Update

I wasn’t planning on posting an update today, but it's a NICE OUT by Kilo Kish kind of evening, and I ended up hitting my nano goal yesterday. So here we are. This post will likely be a little longer than the usual update because I actually have some things to talk about, who’d have thought.

Nanowrimo. The 15k goal has been passed, I’m in the middle of chapter four and introducing Idris which is actually pretty fun. He’s wearing a king costume at a party, and I’ve missed writing anti-heroes. I’m at roughly 80% of being done with the rewrite of what I wrote last year. After that I think I’ll spend the rest of the month getting out the roughest of rough drafts for the rest of the story. Could I write another 20k with an outline that looks a lot like: Byron and Freya romance, Graham and Byron deterioration? Possibly. I just want it all out now. 2021 should then, hopefully, be about revising and rewriting and then I can look at pitching—if I ever work up the confidence to get there.

Music, merch, mayhem. I made a playlist! I call it for vibes but it’s roughly 100 songs of what I play in the background when I’m in my room and tell myself it's the slightly sad soundtrack of my early-20s thus far. Featuring WILLOW, Kelela, Jean Deaux and ABRA, it actually is a cool vibe. I don’t think I’ll share it just yet, but it brings me to what I want to briefly complain about: Spotify. Love that girl. Hate that girl. Don’t like the girl when she puts Chris Brown in my release radar. I get it. It’s been a tough year for all involved but I’m looking at Spotify and it’s piss poor shuffle—I have to clear my cache like once a week so that I hear something other than the same 20 of my liked songs—and I’m like ??? hello? Of all the music that’s been released, you reach into the bottom of the barrel and put Breezy in my release radar? That’s not what I’m paying you for.

Also: FKA Twigs. I was gonna tweet about it but then I look at my pfp like no I can not present myself as more of a stan absolutely not. Happy birthday to MAGDALENE, fantastic album. I looked at Twigs’ spotify profile and that awful song with Kanye West is ranked as the most popular. Why does she feature with the artists she does? I could forgive the A$AP ROCKY song because it’s actually not too bad, and Rocky got his karma for those comments about dark skinned black women when he was arrested in Sweden or wherever it was. I can even grit my teeth through Holy Terrain on MAGDALENE because the Future verse is a small portion of what is otherwise a good song. I tried listening to the squeak squeak song as a good fan, but it’s terrible, terrible, your honour.

Then last night I open Twitter, see she’s dropped more merch. I’ve gotten merch from all of her drops. Yes, I even went to the site last night with an interest in the upcycled long sleeve shirt. To see it’s sold out. I have to see it as a blessing in disguise. Can I really justify £80 on a cut and resewn shirt, half of which would include a shirt I already own? I don’t know. We all make mistakes, I was spared from one. Licking my wounds, I hear rumours of Charli XCX having dropped merch. She did. Charli merch is so fucking ugly it’s cute again. I’ve been avoiding getting on the tie dye train for months now, I stubbornly refuse to believe this is where fashion is heading again.

I need to be talked out of spending £40 on the Anthems t-shirt.

Art & Love. I’ll be commissioning art from one of my friends in a few weeks time to complete my About page and be a quote-unquote logo for myself so to speak. I’m preemptively excited, I already know it’s gonna be so good. I’m on season three of Vikings, and could actually wax lyrical about Ragnar and Athelstan and Lagertha and even religion for that show only.

I also just want to close out by shouting out my best friend, Kiana. Love that girl so much. In all honesty I don’t think I’d have gotten the courage to keep this thing going if it wasn’t for her. I’m so grateful to know her, to have grown with her, and to grow with her in the future. If it wasn’t for this year going down as it has, I’d have taken her on holiday to repay the favour for our trip to Prague. I can’t believe I haven’t seen her since February, but it’s a small sacrifice when I think about just how sick our reunion will be.

I don’t think I’ll have many more updates to share until the new year. I went back to a private Twitter because frankly, after posting a screenshot of this on my Snapchat, I’ve decided I’ve been perceived too much this week.


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