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Is this thing on?

I didn’t want to be that person, but how could I resist? Can you believe I made it out on the other side? Looking at you, Ore! It’s been a long time coming and making it out of the Tragic Laptop Loss of 2017, typing this out means more than anything.  So, here I am attempting to make myself a new home, saying goodbye to an orange banner and losing my pen name–rip imo.

A brief intro for those joining me exclusively on this leg of my writing journey: UK based writer, flair for angst and drama (almost to the point of being detrimental to my own plot), and will take every opportunity that arises to remind everyone that this is exclusively an anti-JKR brand being built. I also really enjoy writing dialogue.

I’m in the habit–and have been for the past two years–of doing a monthly updates post, something that I’m hoping to continue if feasible.  Ladies and gents, here we are with August Updates on KeyasIdeas.

  1. look at this sweet blog I spent a year trying to find and then managed to push out in a further two weeks once realising I should probably start taking myself seriously

  2. If Jess and Jen have made it this far (I hope they have, they’re lovely),  then Byron’s story, Me & Your Ghost is on the fucking way mate. As in, it’s planned, it’s ready, I just need to sit and write it.

  3. Employment is crushing me.

  4. I’m genuinely very  nervous about this, and I hope my nerves don’t get in the way of the stories I’m looking to tell–and the risks I want to take in my writing.

  5. Funny that for the year I didn’t have a laptop I was pinning emotional wellbeing on being able to play sims again, and now that I have it, my game is corrupt.

  6. By funny, I mean tragic.

  7. I’ve found a lot of new music this month, abandoning Apple Music to pay for Spotify Premium.

  8. I’m still considering the idea of how Stitched Up would work with actual prose rather than dialogue only, but I still don’t know how it’d work.

  9. Also, have Just come the realisation that we’re going to have to say goodbye to covers and do banners–font used will be Market Deco, we love consistency.

Looks like monthly updates will also have to act as a space for authors notes in some capacity, trying to look professional over here you know.

Thanks to everyone joining me from the home I made for the past six years, I hope this one works out well, too. Hello to the people joining!

Before I return in two years with one (1) chapter for Byron’s backstory (imagine not knowing my child), I also want to personally thank some people in particular, a credit roll:

vaneeza, for being the sweetest, best friend I could have ever dreamed of meeting. She deserves the whole world and all the happiness possible. I love you. I’m proud of you.

ore and caia, for being the best cheerleaders, sometimes the only people in my corner, and for their continued support wherever they are. I miss you.

fel, the london based girl with a beautiful cat born a year and day later than me. (bullets!)

maya, d, liv, emma and justine, fallen heroes who joined me along the way.

and to the 1,950 (at the time of this post) who found me on wattpad and liked my stuff enough to stick around. There was angst there, girls, but we’re hoping to enter a brand new league.

Keya xo

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