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word count: 282 genre: supernatural/contemporary romance

Marissa had said it’d be fun.

She’d also said she most definitely had paid entry for that drag show two months ago that had the two of them driving for three hours just to find out they hadn’t actually been put on the guest list. She’d said, on the other side of their cramped dining table—they’re both trying independence, whatever that means, though it seems like a lot of ignoring their bank balance for as long as they can—that she had a plan, an idea, something for them to do on this friday night.

“Oh,” Vanna said, blinking, “I’m not too sure.”

“Come on, babe,” she laughed, like she does, “it’ll be fun!”

It’s really not fun at all.

It’s Vanna walking through a field in the cold at 10pm trying her hardest not to think about what is making that squelching sound at her feet. It’s watching her breath form clouds in front of her, hunched over to stay low and keep close to Marissa who is leading the way. “Jesus,” she sighs, wishing she had a stronger sense of will, coming to a stop at the sight of the house looming in the distance. Marissa stands to her left, hands on her hips, no doubt grinning.

“Great, right?”


“—I know, I shouldn’t have. But it’s our anniversary, babe, and I wanted to spoil you.”


“—it’ll be like, an adventure.”

Marissa.” Staying at home would have been fun. Overcoming her stubborness and going to that stupid party that her ex is at would have been compartively, less of a nightmare. Much better than a walk to the middle of nowhere to talk to the weird ghosts waving at them.

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